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Digital Marketing Agency Champions Customer Service Excellence for B2B Companies

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CLEARWATER, FL, USA, December 17, 2021 / — Last February, B2B Business Experts opened its doors to the public. Since that time, the company has broken record after record in achieving remarkable results for its clients. It boosted customers’ marketing ROI by 20 – 30% in less than 60 days. It also helped generate over 8,000 leads and $11 million in revenues.

There are many ways B2B companies can achieve their online goals — once they stop using B2C strategies. While there are similarities in approach, there are also distinct techniques that differentiate these sectors.

For instance, B2B and B2C companies should treat client connections differently. B2B marketing relies on building personal relationships to encourage long-term business. These partnerships allow brands to set their organizations apart from the competition.

When asked how to foster such relations, B2B Business Experts founder Jeremy Haug replied, “Every customer-centric organization appreciates how clients are the heart and soul of every company. Businesses would cease to exist without them. It’s quite alarming how only 29% of B2B customers feel engaged.”

He added, “Because of often smaller customer bases, one lost client can impact B2B businesses’ bottom lines more than B2C companies. Now more than ever, it’s essential to provide modern decision-makers with more partnership, engagement, and communications. It’s the only way to thrive in today’s business environment, and CRM is the most cost-effective path toward that goal.”

Below are ways B2B Business Experts combines CRM solutions and marketing strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

● Capture quality leads. Through CRM and marketing automation platforms, companies can segment clients by interest level. These strategies can determine which organizations would be fit for a follow-up and those who are not likely to purchase products or services. As a bonus, such tools enable companies to save massive amounts of time and money.

● Boost productivity. Lead generation is one of the most tedious manual tasks. With CRM tools, sales and marketing departments can spend more time finding potential clients and more time closing deals.

● Optimize remarketing opportunities. The marketing rule of seven states that it takes seven brand interactions before a purchase happens. Quality leads might not buy anything during the first meeting, but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. B2B CRM can retarget such leads and alert involved departments to engage with them.

● Encourage loyalty. Satisfied clients can become long-term brand advocates. Apart from typically making up 80% of company sales, these customers leave positive reviews and recommend suppliers to other organizations.

Customer-centric B2B companies should do everything they can to keep clients satisfied. One of the most cost-effective ways to achieve such a feat is to work with CRM specialists, like B2B Business Experts. These strategists know what it takes to build life-long connections. Call +1 727-384-9620 for a consultation.

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