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Different Types of Law You Should Know

You can pursue many incredible career opportunities with a law degree. There are different types of Law globally, so most individuals seem confused about studying and learning different laws. However, there are so many various fields of law to consider that it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you.

Law schools don’t expect you to choose an area before you enrol, but it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of law, regardless of whether you intend to narrow your focus down the road. In this blog, you will understand everything about different types of law in detail.

Overview Of Law

The law teaches us how to behave and lays down the rules we ought to follow. We must first understand what a law is, who makes laws, and how laws are made. Here’s how we can get started! It is easier to understand the law if we know our communities.

Let’s take the example that you and your family are sitting down to play a game. Undoubtedly, first of all, you should know the rules of the game. It is best if someone reads the rules to you out loud. Only then will you understand exactly what you’re doing. We can say that the rules in the games are similar to the laws in the real world as rules tell us how to play honestly. Similarly, laws tell us that everyone should be treated the same way.

Different Types of Law

As we already discussed, most individuals seem confused about different types of laws. If you are also stressed about it, then don’t worry. Here we are going to discuss different types of laws in detail:-

Criminal law

Criminal law focuses on identifying and punishing individuals who have broken the law by committing crimes. Defining and punishing the actual perpetrator of a crime is the purpose of criminal law. In criminal law, there are a variety of crimes, from homicides to pirating copyrighted material.

Corporate law

A corporate law system is one of the ways to ensure businesses comply with local and federal regulations for conducting business legally. In this field, paralegals may be part of an in-house legal team for a single corporation or work for a firm that serves many corporations.

International law

The interaction between different countries is governed by international law. International laws are intended to facilitate trade and keep citizens safe. Generally, international law addresses issues related to preserving the environment, establishing fundamental human rights, and regulating commerce.

Commercial law

The field of commercial law, also known as trade law or business law, deals with commerce, business, and consumer transactions. In this broad practice area, you will find bankruptcy, contracts, mortgages, real estate, consumer credit and banking.

Family law

Family law deals with relationships within a family, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and termination of parental rights. There are often child victims in these cases, and some of them involve difficult circumstances such as child abuse or domestic violence.

Constitutional law

All legal proceedings relating to upholding or interpreting the U.S. Constitution fall under Constitutional law. There may be due process issues, civil rights, or free speech at stake in a court case.

Labour law

The primary purpose of labour laws is to govern the relationship between employers and employees. They aim to prevent corporations from taking advantage of their employees, whom they believe have more bargaining power than individual employees. Labour law governs collective bargaining, unionization, benefits disputes, etc.

Intellectual property law

Creative work or invention’s intellectual property (IP) is intangible and protected by copyrights, trademarks or patents. Laws like these are meant to protect creators from copyright infringement.

Civil Law

Civil law includes governing ordinary personal matters instead of criminal, political, or military law in a nation or state. For example, a scandal, a breach of contract, or property damage may be considered civil law. The punishment in civil cases is always a monetary award and never a jail sentence, and defendants are not legally protected in the same way as criminal defendants.


Common law is considered the body of unwritten laws based on precedents set by courts. In many cases, common law impacts decision-making, mainly where it cannot be determined by written law or statutes.

Statutory Law

Statutory laws are rules that the legislature has approved. Statutory acts may require specific action, prohibit it, serve as a declaration of intent, or specify how the government will handle certain situations. Essentially, laws are written acts of the legislature expressing their desires. Laws take the form of bills or acts.

Final words

Being a law student, you should have better knowledge of numerous laws in the world. We have already explained detailed information about different types of laws globally. Therefore we hope that this blog will become very helpful for you and also clear all your doubts regarding different types of law in the world.


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