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Deep Knowledge Group hosts Longevity Fintech & InvestTech event for Longevity Financial Club, London

Deep Knowledge Group aims to bridge the liquidity gap hindering DeepTech and Longevity development globally

The Liquidity Gap remains a major obstacle to Longevity Industrialization and financial commoditization. There is a crucial unmet need for InvestTech innovation/modernization to neutralize this gap.”

— Dmitry Kaminskiy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 27, 2022 / — Deep Knowledge Group, an international consortium of for-profit and non-profit organisations focused on DeepTech and Frontier Technologies, organised a ‘Longevity Fintech & InvestTech’ event to discuss the latest developments in the Longevity and DeepTech private markets. The event was held by the recently launched Longevity Financial Club in London.

One of the main challenges for startups is the liquidity gap whindering the accelerated development of DeepTech and Longevity industries. Deep Knowledge Group aims to reduce existing barriers facing investment in private markets with the upcoming launch of a dedicated InvestTech platform and Longevity Card project.

The InvestTech platform will be an end-to-end solution matching startups with investors. The platform is set to offer innovative LegalTech tools and e-documentation, providing a clear, step-by-step investment process enhanced by additional service integrations such as analytics, IR Management and corporate payment solutions.

Deep Knowledge Group announced at the event an upcoming partnership between the platform and Longevity Card, a FinTech company that provides a Longevity-focused marketplace that combines the most modern validated HealthTech, AgeTech, and FinTech solutions for users wishing to live healthier, longer lives and remain financially stable.

During the event, Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner, Deep Knowledge Group, said: “The liquidity gap is the main obstacle to the accelerated development of the DeepTech and Longevity industries. Given the scope and complexity of the Longevity industry, a specialised stock exchange could be the catalyst to accelerate progress. Bringing together companies, investors and advisers to facilitate the industry’s funding and liquidity needs on a global scale, will encourage further innovation and investments.”

Professor Michael Miller, a member of the World Health Organisation Digital Health Technical Advisory Group (DHTAG) Roster of Experts, spoke about the eHealth and mHealth ecosystem as well as the challenges start-ups and investors face in the industry. According to many commentators, the fiscal sustainability of healthcare provision is now in question—the US healthcare spending is nearing 20% of GDP with poor health outcomes and 40 million citizens without healthcare, while the Singaporean government has been grappling with a whopping 600% increase in the cost of healthcare over the past decade.

Talgat Takiyev, Head of Investor Relations, Longevity Financial Advisors highlighted the challenges in relation to the liquidity gap, saying: “The current business model of venture capital funds does not support efficient investments in DeepTech and Longevity startups. Additionally, the global financial system has several gaps, the biggest of which exists between progress in science and technology, and the lack of investments from large financial institutions. Also, Longevity startups are limited to fundraising from Angel syndicates and VC investors.”

Dominic Jennings, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Longevity Financial Advisors, said: “To address these challenges, we must come up with practical, sustainable solutions. An end-to-end InvestTech platform offering multiple investment solutions could be the answer. Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Escrow Accounts, AI-driven tools for matching startups and investors, and intellectual property investment and trading should help to solve the liquidity gap in private markets.”

The event offered financial industry professionals, investors and startups a platform to discuss the latest trends in Longevity FinTech and InvestTech, and explore the challenges and opportunities within public and private markets.

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