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Cupid Chan talks about his childhood and why he considers himself a ‘Technology Entertainer’

Cupid Chan, Managing Partner of 4C decisions is a well-established and well-known name in the data industry. His journey started as one of the key players in building a world-class Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Aside from holding various technical accreditations, his credential extends into business qualifications such as PMP and Lean Six Sigma. Cupid has been a consultant for years providing solutions to various Fortune 500 companies as well as the Public Sector. He has experience in multiple Big Data programs in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and spearheading various Enterprise BI projects for the agency on top of ~1PB claims data. He is part of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) with Linux Foundation ODPi (now call LF AI and Data), a nonprofit organization committed to simplification & standardization of the big data ecosystem with common reference specifications and test suites. He is also the Chairperson of the BI & AI Committee in LF AI & Data. His strong technical experience in planting Big Data implementation helps his client reaping indispensable business value in different industries. He has been to more than 30 events and conferences as a guest speaker.

But he is not a traditional speaker where he would stand in front of audience and talk to them in a boring fashion. In fact, in his own words, he is a “Technology Entertainer” and his approach is to engage people. In an interview, he talked about his background, his early days and why he considers himself as a “Technology Entertainer”.

Cupid Chan said, “I want to be called as a Technology Entertainer. The reason for that since my childhood, I have always been interested in media and entertainment. I grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Canada Vancouver for my undergrad. I won a singing contest during those years and became a DJ and TV host. All these things are 20 years ago but this is my background. I joined media, but I couldn’t pursue it due to some reasons and I studied electrical and computer engineering. But soon I realized I can still be an entertainer while working in the field of Technology. You see normally the technical conference talks are boring, but my approach is to engage people and talk in a way that can make people understand easily. I always try to make the topic comprehendible for “non-tech” audiences. I also make videos on YouTube. I once made a video named An Iron Chef which I borrowed the idea from the TV show Iron Chef and explain AI is just like a process of preparing a dish. So, my goal is to combine my passion (entertainment) with my education (Tech)”.

Talking about his current projects Cupid Chan said, “Recently, we found a subsidiary with a few doctors and a dean from Johns Hopkins on an exciting healthcare project. We hope to improve our healthcare system to make doctors spending their time on patients, not administrative overhead. It is still currently work under progress, but we are working on building software to help the healthcare industry of the world. We have a few brilliant people working with me on the project from the healthcare and other industries”.



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