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Cricket for India Scores in The United States

Cricket, India’s most cherished sport, the game that turns strangers into friends and friends into healthy competitors, over the toss of a ball or the swing of a bat has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in non-traditionally cricket playing countries over the last decade.


American College Cricket, President Lloyd Jodah & Chief Digital Architect of Cricket for India, Ritika Hiranandani


American College Cricket and Cricket for India (CFI)

After taking the Indian cricketing world by storm and a loyal following of over close to 3.7 million cricket aficionados, Cricket for India:, an online platform dedicated to all things cricket around the world is literally crossing the oceans to join hands with American College Cricket to digitally promote college level cricket players in the US, India and worldwide. 


Sai Satish Guda, Captain of the West Virginia University cricket team sees this as an extremely positive move for the future of cricket in America. He says, “Cricket for India partnering with American College Cricket means our college teams and players’ stories can now have an audience of millions! This is very inspiring.”


Echoing his sentiments, Aditya Sen, the former Captain of the University of Florida Cricket team states “Cricket for India highlighting American College Cricket will expose American and Canadian universities to millions of Indians, bringing more international students to study and play cricket in the US and Canada!”


American College Cricket, President Lloyd Jodah said of the collaboration “Our partnership with “Cricket for India” for digital promotion of “American College Cricket” and the game generally, is innovative and of great importance. It will bring enormous attention and value to our teams, young players and this development level of the game in the world’s richest sports market. Already we’ve seen a 2,000 % increase in reach, and we’ve only just begun to work on many projects together.”


Cricket for India was Co-founded by Ritika Hiranandani, an entrepreneur and strategist for technology initiatives in the sports and fintech space. She is the Chief Digital Architect of Cricket for India (CFI) Under her leadership, CFI has grown into a highly engaged digital platform touching the hearts of its 4 million cricket fans every day.


She says, “Through Cricket for India’s Facebook & website, American College Cricket players and teams are getting recognition among international stars of the gameThis encourages young cricketers studying in the US to play their favourite sport and feel a sense of pride by getting noticed on a platform followed by millions.”


Cricket for India also plans to join forces with global sports entities and game developers from both India and the United States. 





Cricket in the United States

The United States in particular, known for its ardent support of all sports from basketball to figure skating has emerged as a major contender in the world of cricket fandom, with an estimated 30 million cricket fans, something that has given rise to a whole new arena of aspiring cricketers as well. With several local and regional cricket leagues making an appearance across North America, the sport that is so beloved across the globe, and that attracts millions of spectators to matches in every format is making its mark. The effect of American interest in cricket can now be felt at the very top of the game, with the International Cricket Council, or the ICC, global cricket’s premiere body working towards the US hosting the 2024 edition of the T20 Cricket World Cup, which is a first step to the sport being included in the 2028 Olympic Games as well. 


Recently, prominent corporate leaders based in the US including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Subrah Iyar, Founder of WebEx, Ross Perot Jr, Chairman of The Perot Group and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe have established Major League Cricket in the US. The League is set to launch in the 2022 sporting season and is even further proof of cricket’s growing popularity in the US.


College Cricket

College sports in the US are as eagerly watched and hold as much significance as their professional counterparts, and cricket too, is creating a space for itself as a college sport to watch, with young players becoming ones to watch for. 


American College Cricket was founded in 2008 by Lloyd Jodah, who serves as its president. The body governs college level cricket in the US and is dedicated to its mission of promoting the sport and its players in the country and on the global playing field. 


To encourage young Indians studying abroad to play their favourite sport, American College Cricket hosts a National Championship in Florida every year and the winning trophy was dedicated by and is named after 2008 ICC Cricketer of the Year Shiv Chanderpaul.


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