Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Creativity that amazed every Indian across and beyond our country borders!

“From 100’s of WhatsApp forwards per second to being appreciated by the senior
members of Tata Group, our creative team at Outcry Entertainment’s media wing got
Content, Timing & Innovation blended with creativity outright!”

Earlier this week Tata Group won the bid for Air India and the airlines travelled all the
way back to its rightful place. A news that was not only received with joy but also
started a string of topical posts from multiple brands.

Amongst those many posts by several brands, one piece “Tata Takes off for its long
awaited flight” by a creative agency Outcry Entertainment just like the topic it took on
became a trend in a short time.
“The timing is very important in moment marketing, as soon as we received the news
we were overjoyed and wanted to pay our tribute to the brand. And the evening after
taking the post live, our WhatsApp group had hundreds of messages in a minute and
that’s when we realized our efforts bore fruit and our post had gone viral on
Whatsapp followed by LinkedIn”. – Reveals Team Outcry.
A day later, the post was also shared by one of the most impactful influencers Viraj
Ghelani, who shared the post on their profile.

“It started off as a piece of news that quite brought a sense of happiness among
most of us, and that’s when we decided to pay our tribute to the Tata Group, the way
we do best!
We know a little about numbers and more about creativity, but when a creative
made out of sheer humbleness and passion creates an outreach, it truly says,
“Content is the King”. – Saurabh Chaudhary, Director Outcry Entertainment

In the times when moment marketing is becoming a herd game, it is quite
astonishing to see how a creative made of sheer humbleness and passions strikes
the chord and is appreciated, shared and called a creative masterpiece by a large
group of CX leaders across the Industry!

Outcry Entertainment, founded 2012, a premier advertising & experiential marketing
agency developed this short format of creative that blends topical news with visuals
and copy that resonate with the information and also bring a visual appeal to the
This format has helped them leverage several topics and the agency strongly
believes, no matter what the tonality of one’s brand is or how they are perceived,
hitting the common masses in India with visuals and relatable content builds
positive sentiment for any brand!

With the Tata X Air India Post getting viral & noticed, it will be thrilling to see what
Outcry has in hold for the future and how they ace moment marketing in the days to


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