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Creativity In Children: Why Is It Important & How Can Parents Help Foster Creativity In Their Kids?

What is creativity? If you want to cultivate creativity in your children, you need to understand the meaning of creativity. And it isn’t only defined by painting or having an eye for color.

Creativity is the tendency to recognize or generate alternatives, ideas, or possibilities that might be useful in communicating with others, solving problems, and entertaining oneself and others. Creativity is a rational thought offering children multiple solutions to a problem. As you live in the era of modernization, creativity plays a crucial role in development. Therefore, parents need to nurture creativity in their children by encouraging them, valuing at home, expressing themselves, and rewarding their creative behavior.

What Is The Importance Of The Creative Process In Children?

Creativity in children isn’t the final, physical outcome but the process. Also, creativity isn’t only limited to art and craft, dancing, music, or painting. Even subjects like history, geography, and political science can be made creative if students can approach them differently and look for new ways to solve the problem. For instance, even mathematics can be turned creative, which can help students grasp the subject better. Therefore, it is essential for parents to help children with their creative expression. It is also crucial for children to learn the same at school. So, parents need to ensure their children attend a CBSE school in Siliguri that creates a nurturing environment where children can grow and express themselves. The focus shouldn’t only be on academics but the holistic development and growth of the students.

In any creative act, the focus is on the process of self-expression. Children need to learn how to express their feelings and cope with situations. By cultivating creativity in children, parents will foster mental growth and provide them opportunities to try out new ideas and teach novel ways of problem-solving and thinking.

Top Ways Parents Can Foster Creativity In Children

Now that you understand the importance of encouraging your child to become their creative self, here are some helpful tips to help you work on their creativity. If such efforts are made when children are young, they can quickly grasp the creative process and learn to express themselves. They can use these lessons and skills to achieve future success.

  • Don’t label your children as uncreative or creative because they take labels seriously

It’s alright if your child isn’t the next Mozart or Michael Phelps. That doesn’t mean your child isn’t creative. However, whether your child shows creativity or doesn’t, you need to avoid labeling them.

Children are sensitive, and they take these labels seriously. For instance, if you label your child uncreative, they might be discouraged from trying their best in creative subjects in school. Instead, you need to give your child the freedom to explore different subjects and find their interest.

  • You must remember that no idea is a bad idea, and you must encourage your child to explore all their ideas

Young children are always full of ideas, and these ideas are their manifestation of creativity. You must not ridicule or dismiss an idea to discredit their creativity. Of course, all ideas that your child comes up with won’t be a good idea. There will be specific bad ideas, but you must not discourage them.

You can discuss their bad ideas to understand their thought process, and you might be surprised at the merit of the idea. You can try to tease out the good bits out of the bad ideas and help them comprehend what they need to improve their ideas.

You need to encourage your child to make mistakes because if they are not afraid, they will have the courage to think creatively. Therefore, you must create such an environment at home where they are not afraid to make a mess.

  • Assist them in pursuing their passions and also work with them to discover their passions

Many parents persuade their children to pursue hobbies or sports that they want them to be good at. But do you know the activities your child truly enjoys?

While it is a great idea to introduce and expose your children to various activities, you must allow them the freedom to select their area of focus. Moreover, you can take help from schools in Siliguri in this matter. Suppose you get your child enrolled in a school that focuses on extracurricular activities like sports, art and craft, dancing, singing, music, etc. In that case, you can expose your child to various activities. Your child can select the activities they truly enjoy, and you can focus on developing those skills and expertise.

If your child isn’t passionate about something or some activity, you must not force your child. Also, it is normal for children to be fickle about their hobbies. So there’s no need to feel disheartened if your child changes their mind. Instead, be supportive and encourage them to find what inspires them.

  • Provide your child all the resources required for their creative expression

It would be best to spend quality time with your child to understand what they need. You need to participate in activities with them and feel safe to express their feelings and ideas.

Every child needs space to grow and hone their creativity. You need to give them room to make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes, you must hold their hands, but other times, you need to let them figure it out themselves.

Also, you need to provide your child with what they need for their creative expression. For instance, if you see your child is interested in coloring or painting, you need to bring home art supplies so your child can explore their passion. Even if the initial drawings aren’t too artistic, you must encourage your child to keep expressing themselves.

The Bottom Line

Children are creative beings, and all they need is a bit of encouragement and motivation. Of course, they will make mistakes along the way, but parents need to give them the confidence they need to keep trying to find their creative expression.


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