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Creatigies Gets Vijay Sales and Hyderabad FC to Continue into the 2nd Year of Indian Super League (ISL) Partnership

Hyderabad FC, the Franchise of Indian Super League, continues their partnership with Vijay Sales as the Associate Sponsor for Season 8. Creatigies Communications Pvt. Ltd., an independent, integrated marketing agency working across multiple platforms i.e. Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, and Media, yet again has made its mark on the sporting scene through this exciting partnership.


The team that made the partnership happen


According to Mr. Varun Tripuraneni, Co-owner Hyderabad FC, “We are extremely excited to continue our partnership with leading online and retail Electronics Chain, VIJAY SALES for the upcoming season of ISL. ISL has grown significantly over the years and has made the sport even more popular across the nation through the franchisee model. Delighted to see Vijay Sales building a strong connect with the Franchise and the Sport to connect with the TG. We hope to make this season of Indian Super League an incredibly engaging, memorable, and entertaining spectacle.”


Speaking on the partnership, The Cine-Superstar – RANA Daggubati, Co-owner Hyderabad FC said, “We could not be happier to continue with Vijay Sales. They are serving today’s generation through top-of-the-line tech gadgets, which are part of our daily lives, just like game of Football is to our millions of Fans. We serve our fans by playing brand of Football that we believe will take us to new heights. I thank Vijay Sales to continue to believe in us.”


Mr. Nilesh Gupta, Managing Director – Vijay Sales said, “Last year saw us getting into Sports Sponsorships for the first time with HFC. We were truly delighted by the way HFC integrated us at every level and made us feel so special. For us, HFC partnership is a strategic call that helps us not just in the region of Hyderabad and Telangana, but also help us leverage the partnership across other geographies as well. We are looking at yet another successful year for HFC and Vijay Sales.


Creatigies has been instrumental in getting us this exciting opportunity. We all hope this partnership will grow from strength to strength.”


Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Navroze D Dhondy, Founder & Managing Director – Creatigies Communications Pvt. Ltd., “Best partnerships are those that survive the test of time and continue for long periods. With Vijay Sales – HFC partnership getting into its 2nd Year, we are looking at new ways for Vijay Sales to leverage this partnership this season. Over the last 20 years we at Creatigies we have always striven to build long term mutually beneficial partnerships and we are confident this one too has great potential. Building on shared values of both brands, and the ability to add value to each other is the crux.”


ISL starts 19th November in Goa.


The Hyderabad FC players have already started training rigorously for the upcoming season Goa.


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