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Crane Training Academy Announces a New Location to Learn this High Paying Career

POMONA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today’s economy is complex and often times very stressful to navigate. Identifying a career that offers both financial freedom as well as personal fulfillment is not only difficult but can seem almost impossible in today’s economic climate. Many people try to prepare for this trial by acquiring student loans to pursue a 4 year degree which, including interest, can exceed $500,000. Alternatively, some attend lengthy and expensive vocational programs, just to find out, all too often that expensive degrees only group us with thousands of other candidates vying for the same limited positions. This leaves us with mountains of educational debt and no readily available career opportunities to satisfy our financial obligations.

Attaining a NCCCO crane operator’s certification is an good way to advance one’s career, or even open doors to a new career. The return on investment of educational dollar, spent towards crane operator certification, is many times greater than the average return earned from a four-year degree. The average crane operator certification course cost is in the $2,000 – $3,000 dollar range. The average salary for a crane operator in California is $81,070 (Statistics, 2022). It is easy to see that pursuing a career as a crane operator is very attractive. Another positive aspect of crane operator certification is the multitude of different industries and companies that use cranes. Many candidates earn their certification for jobs titles other than crane operator. An average Crane Training Academy course will have people attending for a multitude of end uses, including electrical lineman, utility companies, tree companies, concrete precast, HVAC, water department, public works, DOT, manufacturing facilities, and many, many more.

Earning a crane operator certification can take anywhere from 3 days to one month, versus 3 months to 4 years for a college degree or vocational program. Although earning a CCO certification can be achieved in a short period of time, it is important to understand the difference between certification and qualification. Once certified, an operator will need many hours running the crane that they intend to operate before they are considered qualified.

Operating cranes safely and efficiently is an ongoing process. As the work environment and machines themselves change, operators need to develop techniques and skills that allow for safe crane operation. The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), along with OSHA have made continual and arduous efforts to foster a safe environment in regard to cranes and their operation. Since 1995 NCCCO has been offering certification testing for those aspiring to operate cranes and the have demonstrated a dedication to the ongoing implementation of new and improved testing systems, pertinent and current testing criteria as well as rolling out programs supporting new equipment and equipment that has seen increased usage or changes in application.

About Crane Training Academy

Crane Training Academy is dedicated to offering NCCCO crane operator certification courses. With over a decade of experience, their course’s have produced hundreds of certified operators. Originally serving Southern California, with their primary location in Pomona CA, they have now opened a new location in Martinez CA. Having identified a need in the San Francisco Bay Area, as of February 2023, they will be holding CCO crane operator certification courses every month in the new location. Crane Training Academy specializes in Mobile Telescopic boom cranes, including Swing Cab cranes, Fixed Cab cranes, Articulating Boom, Lattice truck cranes, Lattice Crawlers as well as Industrial cranes and more.

Crane Training Academy is part of the process by which candidates earn a CCO crane operator certification. Their school is committed to offering programs that not only produce certified operator’s but produce personnel that operate cranes safely and efficiently, thereby contributing to the personal development and financial freedom of those that attend their courses. They believe in the American Dream and, in cranes, see an opportunity to fulfill that dream when in today’s climate it seems nearly impossible to find a career that is both gratifying and monetarily rewarding and, to this end, are expanding their services to the San Francisco Bay Area, offering services for those aspiring to advance in the field of crane operation.

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