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Counsel For PhD Aspirants

Being a research scholar is a crowning achievement for a student even then only a few dare step in the field of research work as they are much scared of unforeseen hazards . Although they are eligible for pursuing this esteemed degree and also desirous to be entitled as Doctor of Philosophy . They regard PhD as much time taking as well as money charging. But I strongly oppose this myth .My own experience is that it demands less labour and more passion. It is not any exaggeration as I myself is an instance of this.


My Journey


I , Raj Bharti ,could have never dreamt to get the honour of being PhD holder as  there was a  gap of more than fifteen year when I ventured pursuing PhD. I always had a lurking desire to show my writing skill in exploring something new but the circumstances were not in my favour. I got married at an early age of nineteen and afterwards badly stuck in upbringing of  both of my children. I took all this positively but kept on writing at least one page daily on various subjects without having the least idea that  my writing habit would prove much beneficial in near future. One summer evening ,while I was in nostalgia , I unlocked my heartiest desire before my children . My son, Chitiz, instantly persuaded me for the accomplishment  of my buried wish by saying that it is never too late to do a good work.He infused a new ray of hope and courage in me.He himself was pursuing B tech at that time. .He not only inspired me but also assisted me a lot in turning my dream into reality . I set forth my journey with a bag full of confidence and spanned my destination much earlier than the deadline.


Hindrances of my path


It was easy to think but hard to do as I had no idea from where to start. I  had no approach to college or university so I joined as a guest faculty of English Department in Bareilly College.As soon as I got a platform ,I  never turned back my feet. My guide chose for me a less walked road as my topic was  “Confessional Note in the Poetry of Kamala Das.” As you know ,in 2003, Internet was not so frequently used so I could not arrange satisfactory raw material for my thesis work. But I was ready to embrace all the hindrances. The mountain of obstacles crumbled away before my strong will power and the sunlight of success spread everywhere.



On the basis of my own experience, I would like to suggest a few tips for those who venture for doctoral research. I believe if I can do, you can also do.



Intensity of passion


   Passion and dedication are the two pillars on which the mansion of PhD can be built . Regard your vocation as your avocation and the result would be outstanding. Take the ownership of your work. Never be dependent on your guide.It is quite foolish  to grumble or grudge if you do not get the expected aid of your guide. Your persistence will surely enlighten your path. Self commitment is the keynote of doctoral research. Set your eyes on the goal and be confident of your success.



Endless Patience


Long lasting patience is  the other thing which should be the characteristic of a PhD Scholar as thesis writing is a long process. Many times things do not work accordingly. Never become rash or disappointed if you do not get the approval of your work by your guide. Always be submissive and polite and never become disheartened.


Command on Grammar


As a ploughman prepares the land before sowing the seeds so it is essential to ensure that you have full command on Grammar and your work will not be rejected because of Grammatical mistakes. To achieve an everlasting impact, check your work properly before submitting it.



Importance of deadline


Although there is no time restriction for PhD scholars still they must set their own deadline so that they can pursue their goal at the earliest . Regard this period as a journey and always become ready with your baggage that is pen and paper . Never lose even a least opportunity to eject your ideas .In the absence of writing material ,make your notes on mobile which is comparatively handy. Remember  that words and ideas are like waves which once disappeared can never be recalled. Start from day one and write as much as possible in a day. Write keywords which are flashing in mind  and expand them timely.


Revise and Rewrite  


Strive to revise and rewrite until you get perfection which will broaden your thoughts.Too early satisfaction might create hindrance in the path of excellence. Keep in mind that you have to give your hundred percent. Read books in bulk on the relevant topic and analyse them also. Wide and deep study will surely enhance your mental skills. Polish your writing skill to yield the best in you.  As paint shines more brightly in second coating so your work will surely become better in second sitting.


Think Independently


Much work has already been done in each and every sphere still a lot is awaiting to be done. So have a keen insight to explore what new can be done. Neither copy nor compare your work with anyone’s else. Have full knowledge about the work which has already taken place. Your motive should be to present your research work in a totally new light. Mind and mirror are both alike, they shine brighter when cleaned and polished. Make the best use of silent hours to have novelty in ideas. Google can be a great assist but beware of not copying but presenting your own information.




The last but not the least important point is relaxation as no machinery can work without taking pause from time to time.



Relaxation enacts as energy booster so make a perfect balance between work and play to get better results. Never overload your mind by profound thinking. Make your mind empty to store better ideas. Believe in your skills and half way you would have arrived. Recreation will surely enable you to work in the best possible way.


Some minds are just curious and they want to conduct their own research work in an specific field and PhD degree quenches their thirst of knowledge . Impactful thesis not only enlightens readers but also enriches the field of study. It carries the confidence of the scholar to the highest summit besides providing him/her better job opportunities in many fields apart from academics .


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