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Constantinos Maniatis discusses Corps Capital Advisors plans to explore launching a blockchain fund

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2021 / — Constantinos Maniatis, founding partner of Corps Capital Advisors says that in terms of digital currency, Corps Capital Advisors are currently examining multiple strategies designed to take advantage of the advances in block-chain, digital currency, and the eco-system being created around cryptocurrency. “We believe there are both opportunities to provide growth as well as potential portfolio risk reduction” says Constantinos.

Constantinos then goes on to say digital currency is in its early stages, but there is an opportunity for investors. “We are examining digital currency’s impact specifically with regard to blockchain technology” he says.

When asked if Corps Capital Advisors sees digital currency as a viable investment vehicle, Constantinos replied saying “Blockchain has the potential to serve as a means of facilitation between buyer and seller similar to how e-commerce evolved in terms of digital payment”.

He went on further to say that digital currency can greatly reduce transaction costs associated with transferring funds across borders which could be very beneficial for certain industries including the financial industry particularly with respect credit card transactions. However, Constantinos points out there are still risks involved with digital currency specifically the risk of digital currency exchanges.

When asked about digital currency’s impact on global economies, Constantinos says “We are still at the early stages and there is no question that digital currencies pose risks to security forces”. He then went on to say that it would be very beneficial for developing countries where banking services are not accessible by all demographics due to political corruption or economic factors. Digital currencies could help bridge this gap by providing banking services to all demographics using digital wallets.
Constantinos concludes saying “Digital currencies are decentralized digital value transfer units which live inside an open-source distributed ledger network called blockchain.”

About Constantinos Maniatis

Constantinos started his career with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, where he worked on the institutional bond trading desk. He would go on to receive several milestones and be named top performer many times for his hard work and commitment to his clients while at Merrill Lynch Institutional Advisory Group. Constantinos’ experience as a Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Merrill Lynch Institutional Advisory Group was followed by his joining Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in 2005 to help clients better meet their needs. Constantinos proved his value as a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager while managing hundreds of millions of dollars in client assets at Morgan Stanley. Constantinos left Morgan Stanley to start Corps Capital Advisors with Thomas Morgan Jr. after seeing a need for a top-notch investment advisory team and a great interest in developing bespoke wealth management solutions, as well as an entrepreneurial attitude.

About Corps Capital Advisors

Corps Capital Advisors is a private investment firm founded on a single premise: to offer better performance, better service, and better value. Corps Capital can be the general manager, head coach, and quarterback of your family business teams, as well as the CEO of your investment adviser team. For more information, please visit

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