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Christopher Paruch Speaks About IPADS for Soldiers

Christopher Paruch is experienced in finance and real estate, and is proud to be a part of Ipads for Soldiers

Christopher Paruch spoke about IPADS for Soldiers

KEY BISCAYNE, FL, USA, November 22, 2021 / — Christopher Paruch is experienced in finance and real estate, but he also has a passion for his local community and his country. He is proud to be a part of Ipads for Soldiers. 

What is Ipads for Soldiers?

Ipads for soldiers was started by Winnie Pritchett. Paruch explains that the organization raises donations to purchase and send Ipads to soldiers serving overseas. They also provide Ipads to wounded warriors in American hospitals. Christopher Paruch notes that they accept individual donations and work with business sponsors. 

Why Ipads for Soldiers Began

Winnie Pritchett’s oldest son, Wesley,  was deployed to Jalabad, Afghanistan. The Westpoint graduate flies Kiowa helicopters. While her son was overseas, Winnie learned that many soldiers had little access to technology. 

They carry 110 pound rucksacks, so heavy books or computers were not feasible. Most people take access to technology for granted, but for those serving overseas, it’s a lifeline to home. In addition to entertainment, an iPad provides a way for soldiers to connect with loved ones via video chat and email. They can also stay up to date on American events, which is difficult to do when you can’t turn on the TV or radio and hear the news. 

It also has a positive impact on wounded warriors. Those with PTSD can benefit from apps like PTSD Coach, which was actually developed by the Pentagon. Those suffering from brain injuries can use the iPad to regain lost knowledge. Soldiers with injuries to their hands or arms can navigate the touchpad easily, unlike a computer keyboard. 

How Ipads for Soldiers Works

Christopher states that Ipad for soldiers operates on a volunteer basis, so 100% of donations go to the cause. There are no administrative fees taken out. The organization has given over 5,500 Ipads to date. Each iPad touches not only the soldier, but their family and friends as well. Staying connected to a loved one is important for those stateside as well as those fighting overseas. 

Those who want to donate to Ipads for Soldiers can donate money or Ipads. The organization ensures that the Ipads go to the soldiers who need them. 

Christopher Paruch

Christopher Paruch grew up in Bayside, Queens. He attended Chaminade High School in Mineola. He was on the National Honor Society in High School.

He attended Columbia University, where he got a degree in Sociology and Business Management. He also played football and baseball for the Flyers in college.  

Since college, he has enjoyed a successful career in finance and real estate. He has also managed business operations.

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