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CheeseButta® Launches New Gourmet Seasonings by Chef Henri

CheeseButa® Gourmet Products & Seasonings

CheeseButta Gourmet Seasonings

Vampire’s Bane by Chef Henri (Gourmet Garlic Seasoning)

New Gourmet Seasonings by CheeseButta®. Launched in Q3 of this year, CheeseButta is now offering a new line of gourmet seasonings.

It transforms everyday dishes into cheesy gourmet creations, quickly and easily.”

— Michael Paul

VANCOUVER, WA, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2022 / — CheeseButta® fans can now enjoy a superb tasting experience. New Gourmet Seasoning line by Chef Henri. Launched in Q3 of this year, CheeseButta is now offering a new line of gourmet seasonings.

Vancouver, WA, November 25, 2022—CheeseButta®, a family favorite for 50 years is now shipping nationwide and has expanded their brand with a new line of Gourmet Seasonings.

“For 50 years my father’s seasoning was a customer favorite at our family’s restaurant in Longview,” said Michael Paul, founder and CEO of CheeseButta. “Today, people everywhere are enjoying it.

6 New Seasonings being offered by CheeseButta:

Chef Henri’s Secret has become a staple seasoning in many households. Our Signature Gourmet Seasoning is made for Steak, Chicken & Pork. Our unique blend of spices creates a true gourmet experience on everything you use it for. Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, New York Steak, Top Sirloin, Pork Sirloin, Chicken Breast and even scrambled eggs.

Vampire’s Bane by Chef Henri has the Fierce Flavor of Freshly Plucked Garlic. Enjoy this seasoning wherever You want to add a vicious garlic bite. Not for the faint of heart and especially for the garlic lover.

Kickin’ Cajun is our Authentic Cajun Blend with a Spicy Kick you’ll love. Our premium Cajun spice blend for a spirited flavor experience. Not for the timid, use with caution or use you may get bitten by the Cajun.

Garlic Gourmet by Chef Henri. Made from richly flavored premium garlic cloves. This premium seasoning for the true garlic lovers, giving foods that rich & garlicky flavor you will love!

Backyard BBQ by Chef Henri. Raise the bar on your barbeque with Henri’s most loved rub. This sweet gourmet rub adds an extra flavorful kick, which makes it a favorite of Henri’s fans.

SEA-soning by Chef Henri. Gourmet Seafood Flavor enhancer. Our specially selected, perfectly blended herbs enhance the taste of your favorite seafoods. Use on any type of fish like grilled salmon, halibut, tuna or even you favorite shellfish.

Not to mention our flagship products, CheeseButta. Our classic family recipe that dates back over fifty years. It blends four flavorful cheeses together with aromatically seasoned butter to create a gourmet, one-of-a-kind melting spread. Originally created by Chef Henry Paul, the recipe was passed down to his son Michael Paul, who is now on a mission to share it with the world. Henry Paul was a master chef who served thousands of culinary dinners for hunters and fishermen. Over his restaurant’s successful 50 year run, he became synonymous with his locally famous cheese bread, coated with the delicious, one-of-a-kind CheeseButta.

Today, CheeseButta has grown an eager new fanbase of home chefs, foodies, recipe-creators and high-end snackers. The products are ordered and shipped all across the country, turning everyday dishes into gourmet creations. CheeseButta’s vision is to help their customers create family traditions and memories of special occasions with CheeseButta’s bold flavors.

These exclusive products are versatile and have as many uses as you can dream up. Once you try it, your imagination for melting it into other food favorites will come to life.

Our product line created easy gourmet dishes: Excite your taste buds and indulge on the CheeseButta® Gourmet seasonings and our CheeseButta® line of gourmet cheese melts. This will transform everyday dishes into cheesy gourmet creations, quickly and easily. This one-of-a-kind melting spread is perfect for replacing your usual pizza cheese or nacho cheese sauce.

Please visit CheeseButta® for more information on recipes, recipe ideas, gift boxes.

Our Mission at CheeseButta™
• Our mission at CheeseButta is to create a quality, unique product.
• Our vision is to have our savory products be used as delicious enhancements for your recipes.
• Our products can be used to turn your everyday dishes into Gourmet Creations.

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