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Curt Doty, CMO Legacy Concierge

Legacy Concierge has been awarded the Bronze medal in the Security category as part of Inc.’s 2021 Best in Business list

Betsy has found a unique problem to solve and has influenced the major tech companies to include legacy wishes on their platforms, like Google, Apple and Facebook.”

— Curt Doty, CMO Legacy Concierge

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA, December 13, 2021 / — CEO and Founder Betsy Ehrenberg announced today, “Simply put, we secure wealth after a person passes away. We are changing the game of estate planning to essentially cheat death by creating the tools that enable families and estates to control one’s Digital After LifeTM. Being recognized by Inc. magazine for our secure technology is a shot in the arm for us, as well as our growing list of partners.”

Betsy Ehrenberg comes from the Silicon Valley world of security software, founded Operations Control Systems for top Fortune 50 companies and then Veriden to stop identity theft in the financial payment sector. As the first female manager in IBM Canada, she was a role model for other women seeking sales and engineering leadership positions. She has published numerous digital asset security papers and studied computer science at Carnegie Tech, then business school classes at Harvard. This is her third start-up venture.

Legacy Concierge’s CMO Curt Doty adds, “We protect wealth after a person passes away by locating assets, controlling access to those assets and securing the value of the estate. Our SaaS platform hosts LOCKYT™ services to organize digital footprint records in a Legacy Vault™ and then curates the assets with Auto-Grab™. Now is the time to get ahead of life’s cruel surprises and protect your legacy.”

Ms. Ehrenberg adds, “Digital assets are everywhere; individuals have over 200 assets on corporate/government computers, their cell phones and in the cloud. Identity theft is growing; one of every eight deaths results in identity or other theft and loss. Over $60B in assets are abandoned each year. Over 3 million people die each year in the US and their estates lose money and memories. Over $2B in legal services are billed per year and their fiduciaries can be sued for not protecting client wealth and digital assets. We help streamline this whole process.”

Doty adds, “Betsy has been a pillar in Silicon Valley and is now a pillar in New Mexico. She is the leader in the category globally and has found a unique problem to solve and has influenced the major tech companies to include legacy wishes on their platforms, like Google, Apple and Facebook.”

About Legacy Concierge

Legacy Concierge LOCKYT™ empowers families and loved ones to manage a decedent’s Digital After Life™ and scales seamlessly for professional trust officers and family offices managers to provide additional posthumous services for their clients. LOCKYT™ comprehensive services bridge the gap between estate planning and estate probate management guiding families and loved ones through their grief by locating, controlling, curating and collecting assets in an estate.

Founded in 2017 by Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Betsy Ehrenberg, Legacy Concierge discovered the problematic issues around estate probate as she was advising a recent widow. Through extensive research in law and finance Legacy Concierge was established to provide a service product to preserve estate value, minimize financial and emotional loss and provide peace of mind after death. Betsy is a member and featured speaker with the International (Society of Trust and Estate Professionals) STEP Digital Assets SIG (Special Interest Group).

Betsy Ehrenberg, CEO

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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