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Chase Douglas, Fitness Model & Brand Ambassador, is Helping Take MIT45 into the Fitness Market

The fitness model and brand ambassador has joined with MIT45 to help expand the brand into the fitness industry after experiencing the positive results

I’m excited to share this with the fitness world as I’m always looking for effective ways to improve performance.”

— Chase Douglas, Fitness Model and Brand Ambassador

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fitness model Chase Douglas is the latest brand ambassador to partner with MIT45. As a fitness enthusiast turned fitness model and influencer, Mr. Douglas has accelerated his name in the fitness arena and built a solid following in a short timeframe. Now, he is joining with MIT45 as their latest brand ambassador after being introduced to MIT45’s lineup and finding positive results for competitive and noncompetitive enthusiasts alike. This adds another fitness professional that has joined the team as MIT45 is finding a strong footing in the fitness industry with their latest hit product.

Chase was born in Utah of mixed Hawaiian and Portuguese/Italian descent and moved to Hawaii at a young age. After college he moved back to Utah to help with his mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer, eventually meeting his fiancé and fitness model and brand ambassador Brylie Schmidt. They now live in Scottsdale, AZ as their path in the fitness industry is taking them to new heights and experiences.

Chase Douglas was raised with a single mother, helping shape his life and develop the tenacity that drives him to continue pushing forward and past obstacles to this day. Being raised in a tough environment also meant becoming a man at an early age resulting in getting serious in the gym at the age of 14. In his 20s he faced multiple difficulties, including developing fibromyalgia, his mother’s fight with breast cancer, and multiple other life experiences providing him with experience and wisdom beyond his age. He credits his path in fitness and the success he’s found with growing wiser with age and balancing strength, aesthetics, and mobility while maintaining a healthy lifestyle while dealing with life’s hurdles.

Mr. Douglas is a certified personal trainer and has built multiple fitness brands and has owned a personal training gym. His focus (personally and for clients) is centered around maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle with a balanced approach to physical fitness and mobility including maintaining a balanced diet that provides energy, optimal health and recovery so one can perform at their peak in all areas of life.

Recently Mr. Douglas joined forces with MIT45 after experiencing their latest product, MIT45 Boost, and the positive effects he found in the gym with this new hit product. In his words, “I’ve found MIT45 Boost to be a great pre-workout supplement giving me energy for my workouts without the usual ‘pre-workout powder crash’ many of the latest competing products seem to have. I’m excited to share this with the fitness world as I’m always looking for effective ways to improve performance.”

For the past 3 years, MIT45 has solidified their reputation as the Gold Standard in the industry. They were recently named a Top 3 Innovative Company in 2022. They were recently recognized in LA Newswire for the excellent workplace culture developed over the previous couple of years and for leading the charge for the regulation of the industry.

When asked about why he chose to work with MIT45, Chase admitted, “I wasn’t familiar with the brand initially, but as I got to know them more and experience some of their top products, I quickly became a convert. I found the products to not only be effective but also the design is killer and has everyone asking about it in the gym.”

This collaboration comes at a time when MIT45 is rapidly expanding into new markets through the launch of new products, acquiring other companies, and much more. The new product MIT45 Boost is already a hit at convenience stores and is currently spreading like wildfire through the fitness industry.


To learn more about Chase Douglas you can follow him on Instagram. You can learn more about MIT45 by going to MIT45. To learn about MIT45 wholesale opportunities and why it is the fastest-growing brand in convenience stores, go to Mit45Merchants.com

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