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Chandigarh District Court pronounced the order; Sister and brother-in-law want to open business. Chandigarh MP and actress Kirron Kher latest news

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The Chandigarh district court has ordered a tenant to vacate the property of Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher. Rent Controller, UT Dr. Aman Inder Singh has asked Raj Kumar, Proprietor of M/s Telecom Electronics, to vacate the place. He was doing his business on the third floor of SCO No. 18 in Sector 17, which will now have to be closed. Orders have been issued to hand over this place to SCO owner Kanwal Thakur Singh and her sister and MP Kirron Kher within 2 months.

This rent petition was filed under Section 13-B of the East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949. The court was demanded that the tenant be ordered to vacate the place. Let us tell you that M/s Telecom Electronics is the second tenant who has been issued orders to vacate SCO. Earlier recently a jeweler was also ordered to vacate this SCO.

husband wants to open computer business
Yachi Kanwal Thakur Singh had said that her husband wants to do the business of computer system, computer software development and training center on the ground floor and mezzanine floor. There she wants to open a health center-cum-gymnasium-cum-spa center. Kanwal Thakur and her MP sister have 50 per cent stake in SCO.

the tenant was adamant
Several arguments were presented in the court regarding non-vacation of the space by M/s Telecom Electronics. It was said that the petitioner had failed to prove that she and her husband needed this place for personal needs. Questioning the intention to vacate the place, it was said that the petitioner asked to vacate the place for her husband, but her statement was not even recorded. Besides, the status of the petitioner as NRI was also challenged.

judgment came in favor of the petitioner
After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court said that in such a situation the tenant has been asked to vacate the place. Earlier, orders have been given to vacate the SCO to the rest of the tenants as well. These include M/s Tradesetters, M/s Dulla House, M/s Davinder S Jazz & Co. including a jeweler recently.

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