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Chandigarh Court will hear in February; Demanded 1 crore damages from Harnaz Sandhu and others. Miss universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu and Kapil Sharma show actress Upasana Singh latest news

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The court case filed by actress Upasana Singh against Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu and 14 others has been ‘adjourned’ for February. The written statements of Sandhu and others, who have formed the party in the case, are to be recorded. On August 4, Upasana Singh filed a case against the model in the Chandigarh court regarding the controversy related to the Punjabi film titled ‘Bai Ji Kutangen’. Upasana Singh has demanded Rs 1 crore as compensation for the loss caused to the film.

There is a court case on them

Besides Harnaaz Sandhu, others who have been made party include Shari Gill, Emma Sawal, The Miss Universe Organization, City of Hollywood Florida, Times Group CRM, etc. Upasana Singh alleges that she was producing a film in which Harnaaz had agreed to act. After this, after the film was made, she did not come forward for promotion and she stopped picking up the phone.

Judge’s training program in Hyderabad

On the latest hearing of the case, the Civil Judge of Chandigarh District Court said that he has to go to Hyderabad from December 5 to December 9 to participate in a training program called ‘Cyber ​​Security Investigation’. In such a situation, the hearing of the case has now been fixed for February 7.

Miss Universe did not respond

According to Upasana Singh, the film’s director Smeep Kang and the producers also tried to contact Harnaaz, but all failed. Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu became Miss Universe. After this he did not respond to even a single mail or message. The film and its distributors suffered losses. The release date of the film also had to be postponed. The cast and crew of the film had to face questions from the media due to the film’s delay and a wrong image was created.

Harnaaz was in the lead role

According to the case filed, in the year 2020, Harnaz won the title of Femina Miss India Punjab. During that time he signed an artist agreement with Santosh Entertainment Studio LLP. Upasana Singh runs this studio. According to Upasana, he was to make a Punjabi film titled ‘Bai Ji Kutangen’. In this he had the lead role of Harnaz. Under the agreement, the artist was to be available for the promotional activities of the film. Had to attend physically and virtually.

allegation of breach of contract

According to the case, after becoming Miss Universe, Harnaaz broke commercial and contractual promises. He has distanced himself from the film cast and crew. According to Upasana Singh, after becoming Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu started thinking of herself as a big star. He also stopped picking up the phone. Through this film, Upasana was to launch her son, but due to non-contact of Harnaaz Sandhu, she suffered a big loss. That’s why a case has been filed against Harnaz in the Chandigarh court.

Punjabi cinema is starting to feel small to Miss Universe

Upasana had alleged that she wanted to make her debut film in Punjabi as a producer, but Harnaaz Sandhu seems to have found the Punjabi industry small. She feels that she is made only for Bollywood and Hollywood projects. Harnaj should not forget where she came from. He should feel proud to be a part of Punjabi films. Harnaaz didn’t even post a single post of his film. At the same time, he refused to talk about the film publicly.

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