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CASETiNO Launches their Exclusive Range of Drop Tested iPhone Cases and Screen Protectors in India

New Delhi (India), September 21: Are you one of those clumsy folks who frequently drops their phone? If so, and if you possess an iPhone, a broken phone back or screen could prove really heavy on your pockets. But don’t worry, CASETiNO has got you covered with their premium 10.8-foot drop-tested iPhone cases and iPhone screen protectors composed of sturdy 9H glass!

CASETiNO is an iPhone case company founded in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, with a vision to change the experiences of iPhone users using the same old cases with lower protection. They revolutionized users’ experience with iPhone cases that neither compromise on styling nor security. As Apple has launched its iPhone 15 & its variants, CASETiNO is also prepared with its iPhone 15 cases with 10.8 feet drop protection.

With its high-end, drop-tested iPhone cases, CASETiNO established quite a niche in the Australian industry and is now prepared to conquer the Indian market. The Indian iPhone cover market is broken, and since the cases are produced as cheaply as possible, they are overly big, less protective, and have a shorter lifespan. Consequently, CASETiNO is present in India with the intention of revolutionizing this industry. These covers are for you if you’re a lively, youthful working professional who is constantly on the go, that clumsy person who keeps on dropping stuff, or the millennial who enjoys keeping up with current technology!

A top official from CASETiNO says: “We met over 100 tech reviewers and read over 1,500 reviews of our existing customers and began crafting around fixing what was wrong. We started combining different materials to create the best of the best iPhone case that comes with 10.8 feet drop-tested protection and a case that does not turn yellow.”

CASETiNO was able to connect with millions of tech-savvy millennials in Australia because of their conviction that protection does not merely include dull cases. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colors in their cases without having to bother about styling or safety. Their patients are available in the Vivace, Clear Shield, Impact, and Klasik series. The Vivace Series is a soft back cover that is highly flexible, available in brilliant colors, and differs from the preceding three in that it is not Magsafe-compatible.

The combination of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and polycarbonate (PC) components makes their case one tough cookie, safeguarding your iPhone in addition to improving grip thanks to its ergonomic design. They offer a lifetime warranty to all of their clients in the event of any material defects, which is another unique feature. In case of yellowing of the iPhone cover material, a guarantee of six months is provided.

This 10.8-foot drop-tested shields your iPhone with impact protection for the ultimate challenge, making it better than any other iPhone case in India. Their extremely slim and lightweight iPhone cases are perfectly designed for all CASETiNO, Apple, and third-party MagSafe-compatible products. CASETiNO MagSafe case backed by N52 in-built magnets is the perfect combination of protection and convenience. Their primary focus is to have iPhone cases that look good & keep your phone safe.

CASETiNO not only sells iPhone cases but also screen protectors. Screen protectors from CASETiNO are essential to prevent broken iPhone screens from draining your wallet. Their high-end iPhone screen protectors are composed of 9H glass, which has a remarkable resistance to drops and scratches.

In conclusion, CASETiNO’s products are exclusive, and that exclusivity is reflected in their cost. Similar to how we pay a lot of money to buy iPhones in the first place, it is advised to invest in excellent protection to prevent additional costs down the road due to damage to the phone’s screen or back.


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