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CANHEAL One-of-its-kind Platform for Cancer Patients and Survivors Launched

CANHEAL (, a one-of-its-kind platform and E-commerce portal for all the life needs of cancer fighters & winners was launched today, with a essential cue of ‘Heal with Verve’. ‘Can’ represents the power to achieve whatever one wants through will and resolution and ‘Heal’ represents the power of healing through positive affirmation. CANHEAL offers a range of Skincare, Body care & Haircare products, Apparel, Food & Nutrition Supplements specially curated by the Cancer Survivor & Founder, Anchal Sharma, based on her own experience and that of her fellow cancer fighters. The range of products on offer include CANHEAL’s own products and those of many well-known and diligently selected brands that offer natural and organic products rooted in Indian tradition and adapted to suit changing needs of new-age consumers. CANHEAL, stems from the struggles and predicaments of the Cancer Survivor and Founder Anchal Sharma, who has seen that fight up close.


A unique e-platform offering a range of Skincare, Body care & Haircare products, Apparel, Accessories, Food & Nutrition Supplements


Speaking on the occasion the Founder of CANHEAL, Anchal Sharma said, “The fight against cancer changed the direction of my life and I have decided to dedicate myself to bring the same enthusiasm for living with style and self-assurance that prepped me to win the battle against cancer, medically as well as socially. I have curated this range of products with lots of diligence for patients and survivors by taking insight from my tribulations during my fight with cancer and thereafter and from other patients too. Continuing to live with zest and enthusiasm is an outcome of my positive choices.”


This platform also has a CANHEAL community for cancer fighters to interact with peers and experts to share and learn from each other’s experiences. CANHEAL community will also have the opportunity of participating in ground events on styling, counselling and bonding with eminent speakers, doctors, nutritionists and other experts. A perfect platform to unburden by unfolding personal experiences, listening to others and getting and providing sympathetic understanding.


Commending the launch, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Chairman, Max Institute of Cancer Care – Max Healthcare, said, “I have witnessed the journey of Anchal Sharma as a cancer fighter, survivor and motivator. I am delighted that she has decided to dedicate her entrepreneurial venture to the cancer fighters by creating an empathetic platform CANHEAL, offering comprehensive solutions to their complications. I was impressed by her energy and the zeal to create an exclusive platform that has products for life needs of cancer patients, which will no doubt make their lives easier. I wish her the very best for her new venture that aims to take care of all the life needs of cancer patients and those who have come out as winners.


CANHEAL believes that life is all about making choices and a patient diagnosed with cancer should be empowered with immunity-boosting nutrition, support, cognition, body maintenance and styling platform, fashioned with an underlying message – “Live and Heal with Verve”. Fighting and surviving with aplomb and self-assurance springs from comfort and ease and product choices to live a life full of positive spirit.


The range of products available on the CANHEAL platform is:


  • The body, skin and hair care product range is natural without any artificial chemicals and preservatives, hence milder on the skin that can become especially sensitive and prone to inflammation, while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. 

  • The apparel section has a creative and colourful apparel range with tactically placed zippers, Velcro and buttons for easy access during rounds of chemotherapy and radiation eliminating the need for awkward hospital gowns. The collection includes tops, kurtas, T-shirts, pants, pyjamas and post-surgery gowns with inbuilt pockets for drains. The trendy apparel for men and women offers comfort and practicality, encouraging the cancer fighters to take control of their flair and style with poise.

  • The accessories section has an exclusive section of stylish bandanas that can be teamed with dresses as on the go accessories. The stylish wigs made out of natural hair are also offered in this section. A comfort pillow that protects from chafing and distributes seat belt pressure evenly on the upper body during driving post lumpectomy, mastectomy, or breast reconstruction. The lingerie segment has beautiful and functional intimates for reconstruction and mastectomy surgery must-haves.

  • The food and nutrition section offers a range of natural healing products as well as tasty and easy to digest and fibre rich tasty snacks.

  • The gifting section has an assortment of products for a wonderful way to express care!


Some of the brands available on the platform are CanHeal, Canfem, Yogic Secrets, All B’Vegan, Hi -life, Bliss Box and more.



CanHeal is one-of-its-kind Indian e-platform exclusively designed to serve the life needs of Cancer fighters and winners. CanHeal offers a range of Skincare, Body care & Haircare products, Apparel, Food & Nutrition Supplements to enhance immunity and regain strength and Accessories designed specifically for the comfort of patients undergoing treatment and cancer winners having special needs. This product range has been curated by Anchal Sharma, a well-recognised cancer fighter, through diligence and careful selection from multiple sources keeping in mind the comfort and needs of the cancer fighters and survivors. This unique one-stop e-platform takes care of almost all the needs of cancer fighters and survivors.


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