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Can marketers afford to ignore competitors? – Ravinder Bharti answers the question under branding space

The digital marketer stresses how important it is to understand your competitors for building your brand

Pune, Maharashtra, 3 Sep 2021: Ravinder Bharti, the founder, and CEO of Public Media Solution expands his umbrella of services by launching branding services. He believes that a combination of content marketing, PR, and brand-building would help the clients get the traction they desire.

Sharing his thoughts on branding, Mr. Bharti says that understanding one’s competitors is extremely important. He believes that keeping a constant eye on the competitors helps an organization prevent the mistakes committed by them and find their unique voice in the market.

He says, “Branding is all about being unique and different from the clutter. This makes it important to understand what the clutter is doing! Whether it is PR, content marketing, or brand building, understanding your competitors is always necessary. When you assess the strategies used by your competitors and the results obtained by them, you understand the overall demand for your offerings in the market. Moreover, keeping a track of your competitors prevents you from following the approach that has already been used by your competitors.”

Mr. Bharti believes that understanding one’s competitors allows businesses to undertake effective gap analysis. This helps marketers understand the gaps that their competitors are not able to fill and take the initiative to build seamless buying journeys for their customers.

Further, Mr. Bharti claims that he has always followed this approach while dealing with all his clients. He says, “From the very first client that I acquired, I have always made sure that I understand the competitors in the market. I have always encouraged my team to assess the highly successful and underperforming players in the industry to understand the pulse of the market. Fortunately, this has helped our clients to obtain returns up to 9,000%.”

Mr. Bharti ventured into the field of brand building to provide an ideal bouquet of services to his clients. “The scope of digital marketing is endless. You can incorporate almost every sales, marketing, and branding activity into your digital marketing strategy to obtain the desired results. Public Media Solution has been successful in helping its clients build brands that are sustainable, unique, and reliable. I strongly believe that the only way to stay ahead of the curve in the age of digitization is to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders!”

To know more about Public Media Solution and its branding services, visit its official website here – https://publicmediasolution.com/branding-solutions/

About Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti is the founder and CEO of Public Media Solution . He provides digital marketing services to clients across the globe, including PR, content marketing, SEO, advertising, branding, and many more. Mr. Bharti launched Public Media Solution in 2017 after quitting his job as an IT professional at a renowned multinational company. His interest in the field of digital media and eCommerce made him start his own venture and provide extensive digital marketing services to his clients.



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