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Buzzworthy Up-And-Coming Artist/Producer Asha Imuno Delivers Introspective New Single “PUSHING BUTTONS”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2023/ — Off the success of the breakthrough hit “ZIG ZAGGING” garnering over 10M streams independently, Hip-Hop & R&B newcomer Asha Imuno is set to release his debut album Pins & Needles with the first single from the project “PUSHING BUTTONS” available today on all platforms. The hauntingly mellow track is the perfect introduction to the level of personal and emotional self-discovery the buzzworthy newcomer has lovingly packed into this nuanced and sonically beautiful new collection of songs. Along with the single, Imuno has delivered an equally emotionally rich video that captures the same range of emotions built into the song’s lyrics and production. “PUSHING BUTTONS” can be viewed HERE.

For the Moreno Valley, CA native, “PUSHING BUTTONS” represents karma, the reapings of carelessness, and a reminder to self that impulsive reactionary decisions tend to come with steep consequences. The song is also a reflection of times that Asha has let himself down; and as such, it opens with the multi-hyphenate musician giving fans insight into his inner dialogue. “What you dodging, why you ducking?,” Asha sings, with his honey-coated vocals softening the blow of the embedded self-confrontation and recognition of the unhealthy loop of quick fixes & vices he has used to mask his true feelings.

While the sentiments within Asha’s lyrics are universally relatable, “PUSHING BUTTONS” was inspired by a personal, traumatic moment in the young artist’s life. After surviving a six-car accident caused by a dispute in his hometown, Asha was left with a lingering feeling of shame, acknowledging the danger he had put himself in, and reckoning with the impermanence of life. The video for “PUSHING BUTTONS” finds Asha in several dystopian settings, alternately capturing moments of suppressing his feelings and hiding from his emotions; intentionally sitting in self-reflection; and moments of hope into a better way of living – just as the song does.

Produced intimately by Asha and close friend and collaborator Zach Ezzy (Jordan Ward, Alex Isley) Pins & Needles finds the 22-year-old fearlessly sharing his exploration into all facets of his life – his identity, his family, his childhood, his mental health, his vices, his art, and his love for music. The multi-hyphenate has spent the last few years growing alongside the Los Angeles-based POC-led artist community, KOGO (with Curtis Waters, Alé Araya, CONNIE, KOAD & more) & building his experiential brand, WAITINGROOM, via which he sold out two major events in Los Angeles last year.

Pins & Needles signals the next chapter for Asha, reflecting on the growing pains of youth, diving into the nuance of his own vices, and iterating on the complications of navigating childhood as a young black kid from the Inland Empire. The album explores all of these experiences intimately, but gently, with emotionally provocative refrains cuddled next to intricate, aggressive rap pockets. Inspired heavily by New Amerykah Part 2 by Erykah Badu & To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar – honesty & originality are the through-line, as Asha seamlessly weaves between hip-hop, R&B, soul & all of his influences in between.

He will be releasing his forthcoming album via Guin Records – ADA/Warner in the fall.

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With co-signs from HitBoy, Terrace Martin, Diddy & more, artist and producer Asha has crossed over 10M streams independently, including his breakout single ZIG ZAGGING. He’s earned over 20K followers & 10M views across platforms with coverage from Othertone, Ones To Watch, and Lyrical Lemonade. Additionally, Asha’s experiential live series, WAITINGROOM – featuring both live performances and immersive art experiences – sold

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