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Business idea! Get ready for the Christmas season with an online outlet

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By Marissa Sánchez


Christmas is one of the favorite times of Mexicans. According to a survey by the research firm, De la Riva Group, among 800 people across the country, nine out of 10 celebrated Christmas last year. That means it was the most important celebration in Mexico, surpassing Mother’s Day (79%) and Father’s Day (57%).

Another important fact is that Christmas is the time of year when it is spent the most. People over 18 years of age disbursed, on average, 3,253 pesos; equivalent to triple the figure reached on Mother’s Day (which was $ 873). However, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), 40% of Mexicans spend their entire Christmas bonus on Christmas purchases (often on impulse).

So the opportunity opens up to start a business that both satisfies the appetite for Christmas shopping, as well as offers an alternative of responsible and planned consumption. In addition, all this through the Internet.


It is an online Christmas outlet . To mount it it is necessary to solve the physical part, as well as the online platform. Regarding the first point, your task is to acquire all the balances of Christmas products from different suppliers: spheres, Christmas trees, lights, candles, nativity scenes, decoration in general, etc. Then integrate all the items in a warehouse (which can be in your own home). Consider an investment of maximum $ 150,000, to have a good starting offer.

As for the online store, you will need a web designer and programmer (with a budget of around $ 60,000). Divide your inventory into categories (with photos of each product) and offer the option of renting and selling with home delivery. It also includes all payment options (cash, credit and debit card) and interest-free months.

To make yourself known in the market, hire a community manager who runs social media campaigns throughout the year. In this way, your sale will be permanent and will not depend only on the Christmas season.

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