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BTS: When Jungkook annoyed other members, asked them to stop eating fruits gifted by fans

  • BTS members J-Hope and Jungkook once got into a fight after the singer asked his co-members not to eat the fruits he received from fans.

PUBLISHED ON SEP 24, 2021 09:53 PM IST

BTS members are a close-knit group. However, they’ve also had a few fights over the years. While Jimin and V once fought over dumplings in the past, J-Hope and Jungkoo also fought over fruits once. 

Mention of the incident was first made during the Burn The Stage docu-series. J-Hope and Jungkook revisited the memory during their Wings tour as well. During an episode of Burn The Stage, when Jin and V got into a fight, J-Hope and Jungkook said they fought over a banana once. 

During an appearance on You Quiz on the Block, J-Hope and Jungkook shared details of the fight. J-Hope revealed, “I had a fight with Jungkook once. He’ll know right away what it was about. I think it was a fan who gave bananas to Jungkook,” he said, before Jungkook clarified that it was a fruit basket. 

“During the debut years, fans’ gifts are very rare and precious. It’s so precious! There were so many fruits but then it disappeared in a flash! So I thought I should do something, so I told them to stop eating them. I told them to stop eating them because they were for me. So the members were annoyed. So at that moment, Hobi hyung was eating the banana but then he spat it out and…” Jungkook said before J-Hope interjected, “Threw it to Jungkook (laughs) Thinking of it now, I feel so sorry.” 

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BTS has come a long way since their debut. The members have not only released multiple albums but have also bagged a Grammy nomination. This year, BTS released numerous singles. These include Butter, Permission to Dance and My Universe, which dropped on Friday. 

The new track is a collaboration between Coldplay and BTS. While the song was released with a lyrical video, the actual music video is expected to release soon as well. 



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