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Brisbane marketing strategist Eddy Andrews on the one big mistake your business could be making

Marketing specialist, Eddy Andrews, points out major mistake businesses could be marking online

Independent Journalist Lorna Hudson interviews Brisbane-based, Mr Eddy Andrews, about the one big mistake your business could be making.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, November 24, 2022 / — Almost all small businesses will appreciate the importance of a good marketing strategy. However, Brisbane marketing strategist Eddy Andrew warns that a lot of the time, these marketing strategies are missing out one key element: the people.

“A lot of the time, businesses are too focused on mastering the marketing flavour of the week – whether that’s social media marketing, influencer marketing, or pay-per-click advertising,” Eddy said.

“However, they are overlooking what is truly important: connecting with the people you are trying to reach.”

Eddy said that as a business, you should not simply be looking to sell to your target audience. Instead, you should be understanding their needs and wants, educating and informing them, and communicating with them about how you can help them.

“There is no such thing as a successful business without the people, so it’s really important that you understand the importance of your target audience, and factor them in to your marketing and communications strategies,” Eddy said.

“As a business, there are loads of ways that you can be connecting with your people. However, there is one thing that you first need to be absolutely clear on, and that is the type of messaging that you want to be communicating with your target audience.

“Think about your target audience’s needs and wants – so what they need, what they want, and what they need to know. Based on this, you will then be able to identify the key messaging that you should be sharing with them – whether that’s how you can help them, or how your product or service meets their needs and wants.”

Eddy suggested that small businesses focus on creating high-value content that is both useful and relevant to your target audience.

“This could be a blog post, article, eBook, social media post, video… the list goes on,” he said.

“Essentially, the idea is to create content that is of some kind of value to your target audience. For example, does it teach them how to do something, help them to make a decision, or benefit them in some other way?”

Eddy added that influencer marketing, targeted advertising, social media marketing, and referral marketing were all great ways for a business or brand to connect with their target audience.

“Whatever type of marketing you use though, the key is to ensure you are connecting with your target audience – or the people who are most likely to be interested in your business, or purchase your product or service,” he said.

“If your marketing strategy is too broad, and is not focused on targeting these specific demographics or groups, it is likely to be ineffective, and will most likely result in you wasting both time and money.

“Instead, by putting your people at the very centre of your marketing and business decision making, you are more likely to come up with a strategy that will grow your business, and maximise your customers, sales, and conversions.”

Eddy said that partnering with a professional marketing and communications specialist was a great way for get small businesses connected with their target audience, and develop focused marketing strategies that have people at the centre.

Eddy Andrews is a Brisbane-based brand and marketing strategist. He has a proven track history of partnering with CEOs, executives, solopreneurs, and brands to grow both personal and professional brands. He takes pride in his human-to-human approach to launching multimillion-dollar brands and start-ups, selling out launches, and gaining media exposure.

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