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Bringing Digital Transformation through its Gamut of Unique Features

Easebuzz is a software platform enabled with value-added services, provider of a full-stack online payment collection with easy-to-use API based SaaS solution that helps to reduce the working capital of Small Business Enterprises and Startups wherein they propose “Low cost High value Model in the market”. A full-stack Online payment solution partner, “Easebuzz” helps SMEs enhance the consumer experience by offering speed, security, reliability, and flexibility through various payment options, methods and globally accessible solutions.


A Comprehensive API-enabled platform for all your financial transactions



Payment is an event; a collection of payments is a process. Any business that signs up on Easebuzz can avail half a dozen solutions that are aimed to solve problems related to collections from a single dashboard. Developers can use APIs from their “developer” section to integrate product-related API to get collections related to the workflow for payment collections. Easebuzz calls itself a “Collection’s Gateway” from where small businesses can manage their collections with Ease.


As all growing businesses face complex processes in terms of collection mechanisms, relying on external/third party vendors to manage their backend operations related to payment collection, that is not only a costly affair but also gets complicated over a period of time.


Below-mentioned are some of the major problems that are faced by small and growing businesses across India.


  • Subscription related businesses have to send overdue date reminders. 

  • Franchisee models in growing businesses have to face problems related to reconciliation.

  • Educational institutes find technology non-affordable and cost consuming. 

  • Informal markets especially in the supply chain distribution face high-cost revenue leakage over reconciliation and collection problems.


Wherein Easebuzz comes with a motive to change the outlook of informal businesses to get formalized with a solution by providing secure processing by ensuring safe and unfailing transactions with a success rate of 90% and also enables a multi-currency processing system for merchants to give their customers a localized buying experience.


Easebuzz has solved these problems by building a software platform embedded with payment infrastructure and stands out in the market by providing services such as:


  • Strong customer support – Easebuzz is one of the few payment aggregators that focuses on all seven days in a week support for grievances and complaints.

  • Fast and High success rate – Easebuzz is a software platform embedded with the best success rate with help of high-end technology and backend infrastructure with the best acquiring gateways and banks.

  • 100% secure and reliable – Easebuzz was awarded “Software Suggest” for customers choice and is PCI DSS level 1 compliant with data security standards which ensures information security and data privacy.

  • Omnichannel with maximum payment modes – Businesses can use Easebuzz to collect online payments from their customers through its varied APIs and customized solutions that offer payment through all cards and UPI modes.


Rohit Prasad, MD and Co-founder of Easebuzz stated, “Our vision is to solve these problems around collection mechanisms for growing businesses and startups at a low-cost rate with a high-value model.


A payment solution is an important cog in the wheel of operations that are bound to steer the business towards profitability and success. Easebuzz as a platform is created to bring workflow to the collection economy by enabling a payable mechanism by further allowing businesses to make payouts through virtual accounts so that vendors, drivers or manufacturers can get funds on time with reconciliation automated on each product over the platform., bringing digital transformation, within a firm to improve payment flexibility, communication, and visibility over transactions while providing users a smooth and seamless experience in terms of collecting, disbursing, organizing, or distributing payments.


Easebuzz has a potential in helping SMEs, E-commerce merchants, educational and financial institutions improve their collection mechanism processes with minimal effort and less cost. Thus, it could help a significant number of businesses to successfully endure from their slowdowns and modernize their transactions by providing better experience for their customers.


Easebuzz – An Online payment collection platform was built with Passion and Trust, that extends its hand of support to growing businesses in small scale industry to make them competent through its gamut of unique features and offerings.


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