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Bring Italy to Your Home as Sirca Empower You to Create ‘Your Italian Autograph’

It is the humble beginnings that pave the path to the greatest of stories. Of a legacy built on sheer dedication and diligence, Sirca has come a long way with what started as a modest beginning and paved its way in the heart of India. Sirca, having a strong foothold internationally, chose to paint a picture of Italian grandeur, extravagance, and elegance that people want in their interior decor specific to Indian want of perfection and elegance.


Sirca – Your Italian Autograph


By resonating with the essence of ‘Premium Italian Wood Coatings‘, Sirca made a simple yet significant communication about their Italian coatings, polish, and paints in the Indian wood coating market. Sirca R&D lab has been establishing a benchmark for architects, designers, and interior designers in the various market segments, a series of natural effect coating systems, which allow minimizing color and characteristics changing of the pre-tinted substrates over time, thus guaranteeing effective and efficient protection from solar radiation thus preserving the natural beauty of the wood and gifting it a long and healthy life. These coating systems have undergone rigorous and stringent characterization, which has verified technical solutions, including top-quality and high-performance products. 


The intent to bring out the ‘Italian Art’ and ‘All Things Italian’ through marketing communication was pretty clear from the start. A rock-solid groundwork that establishes the presence of Sirca as the brand that defines exclusivity and authenticity with their Italian wood coatings was sought and was exactly, what DigiStreet delivered. 


“Sirca is on a huge growth trajectory, and we are not leaving anything untouched that enables the brand on its way ahead. Of course, marketing is one of the most important aspects that a brand must focus on, and for that purpose, we met with the who’s who of the Advertising & Marketing industry. But nothing clicked. That’s when Darpan (CEO & Strategist) from our long-term agency DigiStreet Media pitched the idea of ‘Your Italian Autograph’, all I had left to say was Let’s get it done!” says Apoorv Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Sirca Paints.


In a clever homage, DigiStreet encapsulated each attribute of Sirca in a manner that feels more personal, hits close to home, and creates a unique identity of the brand. “The thought was clear for me and as simple as it could be. I simply asked Apoorv the different things he wants the brand Sirca to represent. And then it struck me – no matter the aspect, from beauty to grandeur, it all incepts with Sirca. Begins with Sirca is a crisp and powerful statement that not only relates every aspect of the brand but also reflects assurance, quality, and so many more things. I was still not satisfied myself as the brand needed a statement of its own, statement that reflect and raise the identity of its actual user. That came in the form of 3 magical words, our way of saying I Love You to the brand. Your Italian Autograph struck right-on with Apoorv and the entire team and we couldn’t be happier that our idea gelled with their thoughts & new era of growth for Sirca perfectly.”


Exuding elegance and humbleness at the core, Sirca, with its brand outlook and communication, is ready to make your interiors a piece of art and create “Your Italian Autograph“! 




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