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Bradenton Flooring Pros Predicts the Top Flooring Choices for 2023


new vinyl plank flooring for a Bradenton home

new vinyl plank flooring for a Bradenton home

Bradenton Flooring Pros, a top provider of quality Bradenton flooring, is happy to announce their predictions for flooring choices in the new year.

BRADENTON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 / — The new year is a great opportunity to schedule home renovations, including new floor installations. The owners of Bradenton Flooring Pros stress the many reasons to consider updated flooring for your home. “Older tile is not only outdated but it can also peel away from the subfloor. This risks water damage to your home’s framing. Over the years, carpeting can also hold layers of dirt and dust that even a shampooer can’t remove.”

The crew notes that new flooring also means easier cleaning for homeowners. “Worn-down tiles and threadbare carpeting might never come clean no matter how much you scrub,” they share. “Waxy buildup in vinyl tiles also holds grime while creating a dull look. Chipped floorboards and loose planks and tile can even create tripping hazards!”

For all these reasons and more, the team at Bradenton Flooring Pros encourages homeowners to consider new floor installation. They’re also happy to share their predictions for the year’s top flooring choices. “We’re still seeing demand for classic hardwood flooring for Bradenton homes, especially living rooms and family rooms,” they note. “Hardwood is dense and durable and adds a rich elegance. Also, soft carpeting is still a great choice for bedrooms and a child’s playroom, where they need something soft to crawl around on.”

However, they note that hardwood and carpeting are not the only choices for homeowners and that they’re also losing some of their popularity. “Genuine hardwood is typically at the top of the flooring price range,” their team explains. “As a result, homeowners are on the lookout for something that offers the same rich look but at a more affordable price.”

To fit that bill, the owners of Bradenton Flooring Pros recommend luxury vinyl plank flooring for Bradenton homes. “Some homeowners still think vinyl belongs in the kitchen or bathroom, but not anymore. Manufacturers are now offering vinyl in various designs and styles, including the look of hardwood.” They also say that manufacturers are making vinyl to feel like real wood but without sacrificing comfort. “You might notice that luxury vinyl has a rigid feeling, just like hardwood, but it still absorbs your footsteps when you walk over it. As such, it’s a very comfortable flooring surface.”

Homeowners often choose stone tile for indoors more than ever before, they note. “Flagstone is making its way to interior rooms, especially in warmer climates. Stone is very durable underfoot and stays cool no matter the outside temperatures.”

Eco-friendly bamboo flooring installation in Bradenton is also still popular among homeowners. “Bamboo grows quickly, so it’s very sustainable. It also offers a unique look that fits almost any décor or style.”

The owners also share that vinyl, stone, and bamboo are very easy to clean. “Usually, a damp mop is all that’s needed for today’s flooring materials. That’s good news for busy families who don’t want to spend time scrubbing floors or renting heavy machinery to clean them.” In addition to being easy to clean, today’s flooring materials often hold fewer allergens than outdated options. “Dense bamboo is especially hygienic for floors, while tile and vinyl are also good for ensuring a clean and pristine interior space.

Epoxy flooring in Bradenton is also a great choice for anyone with allergies or sensitivities, they note. “Epoxy resists dust, germs, and other irritants. They’re also very stylish and last for years!”

If you’re in the market for new flooring, Bradenton Flooring Pros encourages you to call or visit their website. They offer FREE price quotes and guarantee every installation for quality. Additionally, the crew uses only the highest-quality, name-brand options on the market. Their office is located at 2504 Florida Blvd., Bradenton, FL 34207 but all services are provided in person at the customer’s property. To find out more about their options or to schedule your appointment, contact them at your earliest convenience.

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