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Bollywood actress Aahana Kumra went braless at the age of 38, flaunted her legs in a low-cut dress

Gossips oi-Salman Khan By Filmibeat Desk | Published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 14:30 [IST]

Actress Aahana Kumra rules the hearts of people with her sexy looks and often wreaks havoc on Instagram. Once again something has happened due to which Ahana has come in the limelight. Aahana, fond of bikini and bralette, has now struck people’s hearts with this look. Yes, Ahana has shared two pictures in which she is seen frolicking at home. Anyone who saw Ahana wrapped in a black bralette covering her body stopped there. In the black and white pictures, whatever she was wearing below was slit from the side and Ahana is seen flaunting her legs. Kapil Sharma Troll- Made fun of poor fan’s mobile, angry people said- ‘He made you’ And many people are commenting praising her hotness. If you look at the social media account of Aahana Kumra, who is fond of boldness, then the whole appears to be filled with more than one hot and bold pictures of her. The special thing is that his slim and toned figure is also visible in the pictures. At the same time, her flat tummy can also be seen in the pictures. Please tell that Ahana is 38 years old but after seeing her pictures, it is not believed. At the moment you see this post.. This actress in blue bikini heated the water of the pool, people said – very bold and hot! Sitting braless on the sofa, the actress opened the entire dress from below, then what you see will blow your mind! The black bralette was seen by taking off the blazer hanging on the shoulder, this actress got drunk in the red light! Fan did dirty act, Ahana Kumra got angry, said – Look! But ‘you don’t have the right to touch’, there was a ruckus … such a dirty act happened with the famous actress in front of all the cameras, suddenly this person came with the beauty … this heroine came out without wearing anything in the bathrobe , People said – this is the real shameless color… This heroine took the photographer to the bedroom, opened her clothes and gave such poses while frolicking in the bikini; The choreographer got bold in the pool wearing a saffron bikini, showed her shameless color to the people! At the age of 49, Malaika took off her bra, seeing the boldness in the bodycon dress, people said – Arjun Kapoor’s only .. Anjali Arora- Anjali became bold by wearing a short dress, the splashes of water behind increased the hotness! ‘Everyone has to become Urfi’, Haseena posted such pictures with an open dress from front to back, there is a ruckus! Stay updated with every news of the film industry and get movie reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Bollywood actress Aahana Kumra went braless at the age of 38, flaunted her legs in a low-cut dress. Story first published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 14:30 [IST]


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