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BobaWicks Launches Selection of Fall-Inspired Boba Candles

BobaWicks Chai Scented Candle

The three Fall Picks are part of a wider collection of candles that were crafted with the aim of recreating the magical essence of a boba shop at home

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2022 / — BobaWicks – the San Jose-based brand that aims to recreate the memorable experience of standing in your favorite boba shop in a hand-poured candle – is pleased to announce the release of its Fall Picks, a curation of three iconic scents to welcome in the season.

The three scents that make up the Fall Picks are sweet and spicy Chai, musky and creamy Brown Sugar, and the smooth and herbal Classic. This selection of popular seasonal candles is part of a larger collection that totals 11 unique scents that includes Strawberry, Taro, and Viet Coffee.

Asian American couple and BobaWicks co-founders Tyson and Isabella were inspired to create a candle brand that would spread an appreciation for Asian culture and specifically that nostalgic feeling of standing in a Boba shop. They are currently working on adding even more fragrances, crafted from premium ingredients, to the collection.

“We wanted to create a candle that lives up to its iconic inspiration, and will make all your most cherished spaces smell like your favorite boba shop,” commented Tyson and Isabella, the Asian American couple who founded BobaWicks together. “The seasonal selections always move fast, so we have set up an alert system on our website to notify our candle-loving customers of our upcoming restock dates.”

“Aromas can be so evocative,” they added. “That’s why a candle is the perfect medium to transport the atmosphere of a boba shop into the home, and why we’re passionate about recreating that experience for our customers, no matter where they are from.”

The candles are created by hand-pouring a scented soy wax blend, which is non-toxic and clean burning, over wax “boba pearls” inside a glass jar in a way that mimics a boba drink with striking similarity when set. Each scent is visually unique, in a way that imitates the flavor it embodies.

To learn more about BobaWicks and their curation of Fall Picks, click here.

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