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BML Munjal University Organised 5-days FDP for ATAL on “Instructional Design for Effective Teaching”

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Effective Teaching is not possible without Effective Learning. When the world is at a point of inflection, and immersing in digital and virtual teaching mode, it is getting exceedingly difficult to teach effectively and have active and enthusiastic learners in the classroom. In lecture-based face-to-face or online classes (with their cameras and mikes switched off), the teachers are unsure of whether their students are learning or not. 


An interactive workshop organised under ATAL FDP


BMU hosted an ATAL (AICTE’s Teaching and Learning Academy) Faculty Development Program from the 5th-9th July 2021 on Instructional Design for Effective Teaching, with over 140 teachers and Professors across different disciplines attending the FDP. The workshop was attended by participants from around the country to gain expertise and confidence in conducting more engaging face-to-face and online classes.


Program Details

Prof. Manoj K. Arora, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, inaugurated the event on the 5th of July. This workshop included expert talks and hands-on sessions in conducting Running Simulations for engaged classroom, Teaching through Case Studies, Gamifying Teaching, using various online tools like- Jamboard, Padlet, Mentimeter, Poll for effective teaching and conducting evaluations in online and offline mode for assessing effectiveness in learning. The participants also gained a perspective on National Education Policy and how it affects teachers and teaching.



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