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Bitcoin becomes more valuable than Facebook after the fall of the social network

Bitcoin became a more valuable asset than Facebook after the company and its associated social networks suffered a crash.

André François McKenzie vía Unsplash / Editada por Entrepreneur en español

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $ 947 billion, according to CoinMarketCap , which exceeds the current $ 939 billion of Mark Zuckerberg’s company , according to Yahoo! finance .

Shares in the tech company fell 5% on Monday as the company was hit by a massive outage in Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp apps. This is in addition to the 15% drop that occurred in mid-September.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg’s wealth fell by $ 6.6 billion, causing him to fall to sixth on Bloomberg’s list of billionaires within hours.

Right now Zuckerberg is in the fifth position of the index with a fortune of 122 billion dollars. All this has been a consequence of the interruption that his company suffered, since his main applications were offline for a period of more than six hours.

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