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Binay Kumar – An Efficient Leader and Changemaker in the Business World

Binay Kumar is a well-known and widely recognized business man, entrepreneur and organization leader who has garnered numerous years of valuable experience in multiple domains.


Binay completed his schooling from the Punpun High School in Patna. He then finished his degree from Sripalpur College from Patna, India. Later, he studied at the Institution of Electronics Engineering, New Delhi, India from 1992 to 1994.


Binay Kumar has a very close association with the Russian Federation. Here, he built a strong network of ministers, bureaucrats and international banks. In terms of years, Binay has 27 years of glorious experience working in Russia as well as in the international markets.


In the banking and finance field, he has more than 12 years of experience. Binay Kumar has worked with over 40 global banks till now.


Currently, Binay Kumar holds the position of the International Representative of the Treasury of Creator “RA” International, Russia. Additionally, he is also the Director at SB Marvel Private Limited in Russia.


Binay Kumar is the President of the RACreator Commercial Private Limited, India as well. For Education Research Scholarship and Outward Nutrition in India, he has been assigned as the President of People.


As far as the banking and finance fields are concerned, Binay Kumar has done a lot here as well. He serves as the International Advisor of Commercial Bank AG, London, United Kingdom. Apart from this, he is the Vice President of Worldwide Achievers Private Limited. He has considerable experience in the medical realm, and has also undertaken numerous government projects such as the development of government and private infrastructure, as well as a drone factory.


Binay Kumar’s unparalleled work across the domains of business, enterprises, finance, trade, banking, medicine, and public relations has positioned him as one of leading businessmen and organisation leaders. He has embodied effective leadership in all facets of his career.


Talking about what is needed to manage large teams and coordinate with them, Binay Kumar said, “Personally, I have always found that empathetic leadership style has worked for me and the people around me. I have always kept the organization and body’s goal in front of my sight and channelised my team’s strengths to positively contribute to the fulfilment of that goal. I think a good leader is someone who has the ability to listen to feedback and self-reflect accordingly. It’s surprising but when you involve yourself in operations as much as your team, you’ll find that people derive greater support and feel encouraged. In more ways than one, everybody wins here.”


Binay Kumar is continuing to set a precedent for building a career that brings change across a lot of dimensions. He was awarded Honorable Doctorate Award for Desh Bhagat Singh University, India for his contributions.


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