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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Fukra Insaan Goes On Hunger Strike, FIGHTS With Bebika Dhurve

Television oi-Neelam Tripathi | Published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 19:42 [IST]

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Fight: The atmosphere of fighting is seen in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ and recently the fight increased so much that Abhishek even refused to eat food. Things got heated when Babika Dhurve refused to cook food for Fukra Insaan and Zaid Hadid. Her decision created problems on Salman Khan’s reality show as other contestants confronted her, leading to an argument. In a shocking turn of events, Babika refuses to obey Jia Shankar’s order when he tries to intervene. The new captain tried to settle the differences but Bebika remained adamant and did not change her decision. It seems that after becoming the captain, she wanted to challenge Jia’s authority. Abhishek’s hunger strike Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insan also took a stand against Babika Dhurve. He said he would go on a hunger strike, adding that he would not eat the lunch or dinner prepared by Bebika. He attributed this to Babika’s negativity on the issue and said that he will not eat anything made by her. Babika asks Bigg Boss for help Jiya Shankar warns Babika to leave the kitchen. If you thought the problem was solved, you are wrong. It was a clash of egos as Babika did not mince her words while targeting Jia. When Jiya asks them to get out of the kitchen and not create any drama, Babika challenges her. He said that Zia should give up his captaincy. If this was not enough, he sought intervention from Bigg Boss and suggested that he should send Jia to jail. Pooja supports Babika Now the thing to be seen will be whether Jiya will be able to convince Babika to give up the responsibilities of the kitchen or not? Will the clashes lead to bigger consequences and change the equation between the housemates? Only time will tell. Interestingly, Babika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan have clashed with each other earlier as well. Pooja Bhatt supported Babika even when she criticized and took a jibe at Fukra Insaan. So many disgusting tasks were done in Bigg Boss house, some bathed in cow dung and some urine… Did Akanksha’s parents get angry seeing their daughter liplocking in Bigg Boss OTT? Haseena told the story as soon as she came out of Bigg Boss house, Akanksha Puri exposed Zed, saying- ‘He is a liar and fake’ Jad Hadid, who has taken off his pants and lip-locked in the Bigg Boss house, is so rich that… Bigg Boss: How is Akanksha Puri feeling after kissing Zaid Hadid? Photos went viral, Alia Siddiqui revealed Pooja Bhatt’s truth as soon as she came out of Bigg Boss house, also accused Salman Kiya everyone’s nose, the rest of the house tasted the fun by taking Salman’s name. After listening to the slap from Babika’s mouth, Fukra Insan said- ‘It will take 36 generations to reach you there’. Stay updated with every news of the film industry. Movie Reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Bigg Boss OTT 2 Fukra Insaan Goes On Hunger Strike, FIGHTS With Bebika Dhurve Story first published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 19:42 [IST]


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