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Biden Reaches Delaware to Cast Vote in the Primary Elections

Last Updated: September 14, 2022, 06:54 IST

| Washington, United States

US President Joe Biden reacts to reporters as he departs Washington to vote in the Delaware primary election, from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, US (Image: Reuters)

In Delaware, Biden addressed the issue of inflation which only moderately eased last month and remains primary concern for all voters across political spectrum

US President Joe Biden traveled to Delaware aboard Air Force One Tuesday to vote in an election season that will decide the fate of his remaining time in office.

The president cast his ballot in Delaware primary elections as his party scrambles for every possible vote in the November midterms, which will determine control of Congress and the future of Biden’s legislative agenda.

In Delaware, he addressed the issue of inflation, which remains high and is a key issue for voters of all political stripes.

Biden said he was not concerned about the latest data, and that “we’re talking one tenth of one percent” — an apparent reference to the consumer price index rising by 0.1 percent in August compared to the month before.

The midterms usually go poorly for the incumbent president’s party, and this was until recently forecast to be the case for Biden as well. But Democrats have begun to hope that all is not lost.

The party has heavily emphasized Republican opposition to the right to abortion in their messaging, while Biden has sought to turn the vote into a referendum on his predecessor Donald Trump.

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