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Beverly Saltonstall New and Interesting View into the World of Cape Coral’s Burrowing Owls in her new book

UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/ — If there may be one species of chicken that’s shrouded in thriller and is the most misunderstood, it’s the owl. Typically mistaken for harmful and cold-hearted birds, these serious-looking birds are some of the friendliest and easy-going birds on the market. Really a bird-watcher’s greatest buddy. Effectively, writer and one other observer of these little buddies, Beverly Ahlering Saltonstall, agrees with this sentiment wholeheartedly and wrote her book, Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Don’t Hoot. On this book, she talks about the specific species of owls residing in an amazing inhabitants in the metropolis, close to the Gulf of Mexico, in Cape Coral, Florida, USA —the burrowing owls.

Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Don’t Hoot is an informative and encyclopedic book that got here into being after a lot analysis and commentary on Saltonstall’s half. As a resident of the metropolis of Cape Coral herself, she first observed these land-dwelling birds and their nests —known as burrows, therefore their names— scattered round the metropolis with pipes round them to guard them.

However as luck would have it, she got here throughout a burrowing owl that was standing on high of a wood perch, and with their large, spherical eyes and the flip of their heads, who wouldn’t fall in love with these foolish little creatures? Burrowing owls are recognized to have a goofy persona and a penchant for posing for individuals as soon as they discover somebody observing them. They’re trusting by nature and loyal to their properties.

Their feathers are sandy brown, and they’ve white chins and streaks of lighter brown throughout their our bodies. Seven to 10 inches tall and weighing six to 9 ounces, they maintain a wingspan of solely twenty-two to twenty-four inches, which helps them fly as quietly as they will. The writer additionally writes that it’s fairly widespread to search out these little fellas standing on just one of their featherless legs. Their appearances make them troublesome to identify, as they prefer to make their burrows in the sandy, delicate grounds discovered in Cape Coral.

Beverly Saltonstall shared her observations of burrowing owls with the historical past of Cape Coral and these birds, their migratory patterns, ancestry, way of life, and rather more in her enjoyable and easy-to-comprehend writing fashion that makes studying about our favourite birds rather more attention-grabbing. Purely primarily based on details, her book doesn’t depart a lot room for doubt, particularly with her firsthand expertise of observing and current in the identical neighborhood as the owls themselves. Having them reside on her entrance garden gave her the alternative to have a “birds-eye” view of these stunning little owls.

Her book is the good choose for individuals who have an interest in studying about burrowing owls or their habitat in an amusing method, identical to the birds themselves, so get a duplicate of Cape Coral Burrowing Owls Don’t Hoot from or the official web site ( immediately.

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