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Best free spins at Indian online casinos 2022

Winning free spins is in our blood as we Indians are hungry for these, and we refuse to give up until we have played our free spins! Luckily for us, new online casinos are springing up like mushrooms in the rain, which automatically means that there are more free spins promotions than ever before. Winning free spins in 2022 will not change substantially either way, but there will probably be some nice innovations. At the moment, for example, there are very few online casinos that can claim free spins without deposit, but this is, for example, a big category that we would expect to change course in 2022. Indian online casinos 2022 will offer even better bonuses, free spins and tailored promotions, as the biggest themes of the year will include ”customization”. Players want more and more power to support their own decisions, and Indian online casinos, for example, will soon have no reason not to grant such freedoms to players, because we as consumers will be able to vote with our feet if things do not work as they should.

We recommend keeping an eye out for new casino listings because as we have already said, there will probably be more online casinos in India in 2022 than ever before. Pay N’ Play-based instant casinos will probably become more popular at +100%, which means more free spins will be available. Free spins are certainly familiar to the majority of online casino gamblers – after all, they are the most popular type of casino bonus along with deposit bonuses, or match bonuses. Usually, free spins are offered on slots/slot machines. These types of games are extremely popular online and there are literally thousands of different types of slots available. Occasionally, Free bonuses may also be available for table games or video poker, but this is much less common.

Indian players often have the opportunity to get larger amounts of Free Spins on their deposit than those offered to other nationalities, and no deposit free spins are not the ultimate rarity at Indian casinos. So you could almost say that Indian players are spoiled! When asked what is the best PinUp casino bonus, free spins and various free spins offers often top the list. Casino bonuses are available for all tastes and honest Indians are usually only offered top quality bonuses.

Free spins for new customers

Although older customers are often pampered with various promotions, free spins and their activation are often associated with the connection of the account registration (to be precise, the first deposit). Online casinos have found that handing out free spins to new customers is one of the cheapest ways to boost new customer acquisition, which is usually the single biggest expense in the annual budget. Acquiring a new customer in such a competitive market situation (iGaming) is not a slam dunk. So sites usually do almost anything to get a new customer to deposit on their site. However, we must remember that even bad gaming sites cannot be disguised under oversized bonuses, so there are usually other incentives in addition to free spins if we Indians want to attract long-term customers.

There are a few things you should take into account before you start registering your account. For example, you should consider the possibilities offered by instant casinos, where it is usually much easier to claim free spins than at a ”normal” casino. There are more than enough free spins available for new customers at instant casinos, and this often requires no more than a deposit of EUR 10 using online banking credentials – no separate registration is required at all, so it is faster to claim free spins at instant casinos than anywhere else.

Most gamblers come across free spins as soon as they sign up for an online casino for the first time. Indeed, Online casinos almost always offer a welcome bonus as part of free spins for new customers. In many cases, free spins can only be played by opening an account – no deposit required. The number of Free Spins available alongside the welcome bonus varies greatly and the total amount can be spread across different stages. For example, you may be offered 100 free spins as a new customer, but the first deposit will only give you 30 spins, the second deposit 20 spins, the third Deposit 10 spins and finally the fourth Deposit 40 spins. In this way, the casino encourages you to make more deposits. As we mentioned, the number of free spins and other features usually depend on the promotional offer or the loyalty and value of the player. By far the largest number of pieces will be activated for the player’s use in connection with first deposit bonuses, while similarly smaller ones (10-50 pieces) will be given to old customers, through various tournaments and promotions. If you see an offer on the front page of an online casino that says ”you will get a thousand free spins”, you should check how these free spins are distributed. It is very rare for hundreds of free spins to be awarded in one go, as they are naturally intended to make the player feel at home on the site and play more than once. For the above reason, for example, 200 free spins may be awarded to you over a 10-day period, 20 spins per day. The following events are quite common when it comes to the number of Free Spins. Many of the best Indian casinos like to reward their players with free spins – some even every day. Daily free spins can be divided into two categories: daily free spins that drop into your account when you deposit or sign up, and Daily Free Spins promotions. The former spins are often part of a welcome package or other Deposit Bonus. At certain casinos, the Free Spins on slots are divided into smaller instalments so that, say, a bonus of 100 free spins arrives in 20 spins over five days. This is a smart solution for casinos in the sense that players can’t just come for a short visit, play their rounds and then go elsewhere. With daily free spins, new customers will at least return for several days. This makes it easier for the casinos to convince these players that this is really a gambling site that is worth staying on for longer.


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