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Belgium’s Rabeko Zero Sauce is King of the Healthy Condiments

Zero Sauces

Rabeko Sauces

Rabeko Sauces

Rabeko Zero Sauces

Rabeko Zero Sauces

“Eat well, Live better!” ”

— Bart Dobbelaere

BELGIUM, November 21, 2021 / —
Family-owned Rabeko Products, is expanding its product line beyond its world-renowned jams. Introducing a new way to “Eat well, Live better!” with the Zero sauce. The tantalizing sauces and dressings are a “tonguetastic” delight for your taste buds, with flavors like BBQ, Sriracha, and Curry Ketchup.

According to a recent survey by Food Dive, a higher percentage of people said they were eating healthier than they usually do because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2017, Rabeko completed their mission of creating products that were more health conscious. Rabeko became Belgium’s first company to launch low-calorie Zero Sauces, Zero Jams, and Zero Sprays.

Sauces make any meal better by enhancing the ingredients. Rabeko Zero sauces are low calorie, zero-sugar, and zero-fat. This allows you to enjoy great tasting food without the guilt of overindulging in unhealthy choices. Many of Rabeko’s sauces are up to 10 times lower in calories than regular sauces found in today’s market. Two of the most sought-after sauces are Rabeko’s Spicy Garlic Zero Dressing and Rabeko’s Salted Caramel Zero. Loyal fans are raving over the unbelievable flavor, giving Zero Sauces five-star reviews. “I’m a lover of Rabeko products for years!”

For nearly three decades, Rabeko has focused on a customer first motto. “Our products are much loved by our customers and are brought to market via distributors and retailers,” says successful entrepreneur and owner, Bart Dobbelaere. Since 1997, Rabeko produced 14 different varieties of jams sweetened with sugar, eight jams without sugar, six extra light jams with very low carbohydrate contents, and many more. The low sugar flavors are safe for diabetics. Now, the internationally known foodies invented a healthy line of sauces to level up every holiday meal without the added sugar.

You can find these exquisite products in specialty food stores, diet centers, bakeries, butcher shops, cheese shops, and other venues that cater to discerning tastes. For more information, please contact Bart Dobbelaere at Website: or Phone: +32497400399 or Email:

Bart Dobbelaere
+32 497400399

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