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KOOSHAREM, UT, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2022 / — Freedom of Speech is a prerequisite to the freedoms that are inherent to our very existence. As a company, we support the protests that those individuals are demonstrating through the trucker convoys in Canada, the Unites States and across the globe. We understand that some of the social media platforms are limiting, banning, and censoring speech and communication originating from or to the truckers, and we invite all those individuals to join and communicate freely with their friends, family, and collogues without fear or intimidation.

At you can post content, images, videos, and links without the fear of being banned or cancelled. If you want to post information to just people you approve, you can do it on BearRight, or if you want to express your thoughts without big tech and the biased media ignoring, misinterpreting, or outright changing what you want to say, you can do it on BearRight.

Speech is only free when all parties feel free to express their fears, concerns and dreams without penalty of censure, cancellation or intimidation. Violence, porn, and similar items are not be allowed on the BearRight platform. At BearRight, the moto and principal belief must always follow the moto – Free Speech for All. believes that there is a solution to this cancel culture that is quickly destroying countries across the globe. No longer do people have to be afraid of saying what they really believe. Far too many individuals are fearful of stepping on someone else’s toes. It’s time to quit being the “Silent Majority.” Cancel culture has to stop, and it will, when we just stand up for the rights belonging to all of us. is proud to invite all those people who support the truckers to join the platform where free speech is sacred. Please pass the word to your friends and family that is a platform that values personal freedom.

We welcome all the truckers and their supporters to join where they can communicate freely.

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