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Vevji, Palghar District (Maharashtra) [India], March 14: BCAS (Bombay Chartered Accountant Society) FOUNDATION Provided 23 Digital Classroom kits (43” Android TV with preloaded Maharashtra state Board Syllabus licensed content in AV form and hardware). BCAS understood the depth of the local problem and promptly offered a helping hand.

BCAS supported the initiative – “Mission Zero School Drop Out” to help TRIBAL Children by making sure that they get a minimum of 12th-grade educated. In the Tribal area, the School dropout rate is 72% which is 6 times the national average of 12.6%, and it’s very alarming. Every year, a large number of students drop out of school in India; this hinders their economic and social well-being as well as reduces the literacy rate of the country and creates a non-innovative environment & Unemployable population. 

The Chief guest for the launch event was CA. Mihir Sheth, President-BCAS; Dr. CA. Mayur Naik Trustee & Chairman of Project Committee, CA. Chirag Doshi VP- BCAS & few Govt. Authority was also present on occasion.

About the “BCAS Foundation” – BCAS foundation, which was founded to support education and medical aid has helped many worthy institutions for the purpose. It has supported the efforts of the Local volunteers at Vevji schools by equipping them with 23 TVs with preloaded education software, which will be useful to 12 schools in the tribal area where finding teachers is a challenge. With the digital classroom, this challenge will be overcome. During the visit of its Trustees Mihir Sheth, Chirag Doshi and Mayur Nayak at the school, they were very impressed with the enthusiasm of the children’s teachers and volunteers. They have perceived the need to do much more and have promised their best support.

This Project was executed with the implementing agency as The 2nd Birth (A project by RUSHABH FOUNDATION) founded by Mahendra Vanigota.  

ABOUT the RUSHABH FOUNDATION -“The 2nd Birth” who works in the area which is much ignored by all society and corporates …. the TRIBAL (ADIVASI) area of Maharashtra. NGO is working for Underprivileged Tribal upliftment in Palghar District, which is close to Mumbai yet very deprived in all facets of life, be it Education, Health, Income, Safe housing & livelihood. 

 RUSHABH FOUNDATION has helped tens of Government schools with necessary items to help kids for a better schooling experience. They found that the problem was bigger & deeper than it seemed in tribal areas and founded a Project named “The 2nd Birth” and started a MISSION  #Zero School Drop Out.

The NGO is not only trying to bring children back to school but also focusing on putting strong remedial learning initiatives in place to ensure retention and continuity of learning. The Founder chalked out an 8 path program to counter the challenge of this massive dropout because of reasons like poverty, lack of quality education, poor infrastructure, the distance of the school, illiteracy of their parent, gender inequality & lack of sense of belongingness.

The 2nd Birth NGO hand hold every student in the cluster village towards completing minimum 12th-class education to each kid by bringing every change in education and mindset of the people through multiple implementations like 

*  1. OFFLINE DIGITAL CLASSROOMS – Offline Digital Classroom In every school to fight the issue of lack of teachers and raise kids’ academic level.      

*  2. SPORTS ACADEMY – Establishing Sports Academy to create a deeper bond of kids with school and a sense of belongingness & achievement   

3. TOY LIBRARY – Bringing a toy library in every school to make primary schooling very interesting & attractive increases the attendance of students in school        

4. CYCLE LIBRARY – Providing cycle to each student of class 6th and above for daily travel to the school, which is a minimum 9.8 KM away (one-way walking distance) 

5. TEACHERS TRAINING – Our early dropout warning system enables schools to identify students who are at risk of dropping out, and then teachers focus on individuals who struggle to perform well    

* 6. AWARENESS CAMPS – Conducting camps in villages to expose the hazards of illiteracy which leads to unemployment and is the main cause of poverty     

7. FINANCIAL AID – Providing financial help in terms of fees, stationary, extra activity cost, participation cost, uniforms, Books, health, nutrition and travel etc.    

8. PARENTS ORIENTATION PROGRAM – Frequent Parents orientation for continuity of children’s study and encouragement 

By Mahendra Vanigota


The 2nd Birth.


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