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Bag2Bag Redefining the Online Hotel Booking with its Pay-per-use Model

In recent years, lifestyles of Indians have changed. People travel frequently, as local businesses expand to global ones and travel time has decreased with better road connectivity, more domestic airports, and fast trains. Consequently, the need for temporary accommodations or hotels for a short stay has also increased significantly.


Bag2Bag – Go for pay by hour hotels


Today, technology and the internet have allowed consumers to be more aware of their spending and to do a lot of research and comparison for booking hotels. As digital technology advances, an emerging pioneer company Bag2Bag innovated to provide the best hotel booking experience for consumers. It is offering travelers an effortless alternative as compared to traditional systems of hotel booking.


Bag2Bag offers consumers the option to rent hotel rooms on a pay-per-use basis. With the Bag2Bag web portal and mobile application for iOS and Android, consumers can book their choice of hotels in a few clicks, making it easier to find deals quickly. The consumers have the option of paying for only the hours they stay in a hotel and it can save up to 80% on the actual price of the hotel for a day.


Added Revenue for Hospitality Industry

The innovative model being run by Bag2Bag has led to a rise in this segment of the hospitality industry. This type of hotel service is beneficial for both consumers and owners; it allows unused inventory to be used during periods when rooms otherwise stand empty. Overall, this helps increase RevPAR (revenue per available room). During the unprecedented time of COVID-19, the average occupancy of hotels decreased to around 25% to 30%. Bag2Bag has been helpful to hotels as a pay-per-use model that adds up to hotel revenues for budget to premium hotels.


Founder of Bag2Bag Alok Mishra reveals that the company has seen a growth of 15x in the last year despite of COVID-19 situations and Bag2Bag has expanded its services in over 60 cities across India until September 2021.


In a developing country like India, it is important that we think of innovative ways to provide a solution and service which is consumer friendly and profitable at the same time. We have many hotel infrastructures which are not organized or are running in very low occupancy. It is high time when our society looks towards these hotel infrastructures as a user friendly option instead of money heavy options. Pay-per-use hotel service would exactly provide the same. With the affordable pay per hour model, the willingness of people to stay in a hotel room would increase and that would be an ideal system for the hospitality industry,” Mr. Alok says.


The current hotel booking ecosystem in India is adapted to old ways and there are many challenges in convincing people to use the Pay-per-use hotel model. Startups like Bag2Bag have taken the challenge to bring in innovation in the ecosystem, so more and more hotels can be made available seamlessly to consumers.


Biggest Joy is in Customer Satisfaction

Speaking about the journey of building Bag2Bag, Alok Mishra says “Bag2Bag’s biggest joy is in customer satisfaction and when we receive calls from some proud son whose father stayed in a hotel instead of waiting in a bus/railway station that’s when we feel proud and with a sense of contribution.”


Bag2Bag is on a mission to change the way hotels and hospitality booking was experienced. It takes small steps every day to provide a real user friendly experience for its customers. We call upon all the Premium hotel providers chain and group/individual budget hotels to come and participate with Bag2Bag in creating this environment of customer willingness,” added Mr. Alok Mishra.


Journey of Bag2Bag

Registered in 2019, Bag2Bag is now one of the leading slot-based online hotel providers in India. Company’s commitment towards providing utmost flexibility and best customer experience throughout the journey from hotel booking to hotel check-out differentiates it from competitors. In the brief span of time, Bag2Bag has expanded to over 2000 property partners and keeps looking forward to new partners every day. They currently run the operations from Bangalore, Karnataka. The total staff strength is around 10. There are 3 founding partners in the company named Alok Mishra, Anurag Tiwari and Gaurav Garg who come from technology backgrounds.


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