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Avantika Mohan: The Instagram influencer who is taking travel to a whole new level

Avantika Mohan is a travel Instagram influencer based in India. She has over 321,000 followers on her account and posts images of her travels to different parts of the world. She posts photos and videos of her adventures, from exploring new cities to hiking in the mountains. Her accounts are filled with beautiful shots of the locations she visits and exciting stories about the people she meets.

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She documents her travels throughout India and beyond, sharing gorgeous photos of her favorite destinations with captivating stories. Her account is an excellent resource for anyone interested in exploring India’s stunning countryside and bustling cities.

Mohan travels to different parts of the world to capture her followers’ best views and experiences, and her content focuses on traveling to new and exciting destinations in Asia. Her photos are often accompanied by detailed descriptions of her experiences, making her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore the region.

She is a young woman from India who has become one of the world’s most demanding travel Instagram influencers. Her account, @avantii2, has over 321,000 followers and posts photos and videos of her travels worldwide. Mohan’s popularity comes from her engaging and often funny social media posts about her experiences traveling to far-off places like Iceland, Peru, Thailand, and Japan. She also regularly shares tips for travelers on how to save money on hotels and other travel expenses.

Mohan is a fantastic photographer and an excellent storyteller who makes her travels feel like a trip into another world. Her passionate and detailed posts make for great reading, whether you’re looking to plan your trip or just get inspired. Her tips are invaluable, so check her out if you’re considering hitting the road!



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