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Author pens poignant children’s picture book, sharing an important social emotional learning message

Klippe the Viking

Klippe struggling

Klippe and friends

A young viking struggling to find herself has a journey of self-discovery and self-worth.

Through relatable situations, the picture book Klippe the Viking encourages the verbalization of difficult feelings such as loneliness and low self-worth, rather than their suppression.”

— Foreword Reviews

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, November 22, 2022 / — Being a child in today’s world is filled with situations and struggles that require a confidence and self-awareness that most young children do not yet possess. With his new illustrated picture book Klippe the Viking, created in collaboration with psychologists and through mental health research, author Bjorn Fyrre brings young readers a story that affirms that when trying to find our place in the world, it’s okay to approach experiences in our own unique way.

In Fyrre’s story, young Klippe is a viking who does not feel like she belongs with the other vikings. She finds schoolwork difficult, doesn’t enjoy the same games, and just feels… different. When another viking girl, Kanin, sees Klippe struggling with her school, she reassures Klippe that she, too, finds the work difficult, but that they can work on it together. Klippe realizes that she doesn’t always have to have all the answers. If she doesn’t know something, it’s okay to ask for help or to figure it out herself.

Later, Klippe meets up with other vikings who are chatting and laughing together. Klippe doesn’t know how to be a part of their conversations or understand their jokes. While she sits in silence, one of them says, “Thank you for being my friend, Klippe. You are always thinking of others and caring.” Klippe realizes that she doesn’t have to be the loudest or the funniest; she is accepted and loved for who she is. She sees that she has things to offer the world just being herself.

Other poignant vignettes in the book confront fears of failing or of trying something new, conveying the importance of trying new things and doing things you love, no matter the outcome. Question prompts and recommendations at the back of the book help parents and educators of young children invite a dialogue about these social emotional learning milestones and how to support young learners with the tools and reassurance to thrive through self-discovery and with healthy emotional intelligence. Fyrre expertly shares that while we all have struggles, it’s how we confront and overcome them that shows our strength of spirit.

Klippe the Viking is part of Fyrre’s series of SEL picture books, based on a group of children all living in the same village. When confronted with tricky situations, they each handle them differently, showing there is no right or wrong way in doing so. Klippe the Viking is available now wherever books are sold.

Author Bio – Bjorn Fyrre

For as long as he can remember, children’s book author Bjorn Fyrre has been creating worlds and stories in his head, even becoming a finalist as a youth in a writing competition. But it wasn’t until many years later, as an adult, that Fyrre began writing consistently through poetry, short stories, books, and songs, as a way to connect with himself. For Bjorn, writing is about the joy that it brings him and the desire to share that with others.

Bjorn has a love for neuroscience, psychology, and how people work. This is reflected in his stories, particularly his new picture book release, Klippe the Viking, a social emotional learning tale about a young viking struggling to find herself. It’s Bjorn’s goal to help young readers understand that everyone handles situations differently and has things to offer to the world and to chase their dreams and do the things they love.

The ideas for Bjorn’s stories were sparked by his own journey of self-discovery, collaborating with psychologists, and through reading mental health and development books. His inspiration was to create books that would invite a meaningful dialogue with children about difficult conversations. He hopes his young readers come away from his stories understanding that it is okay to feel emotions, that we are all unique and these differences make our world beautiful.

When he isn’t writing poignant stories of introspection for children, Bjorn works as a Business Information Security Officer, helping to protect businesses from hackers, malware, and cyber threats. He enjoys playing saxophone, singing, writing, traveling, spending time outdoors, and seeing friends. Born and raised in Australia to Danish parents, Bjorn has been living in Denmark for the past four years, exploring Europe. Klippe the Viking is his second children’s book, following Jern the Viking.

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