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Author James Smith pens Sci-Fi thriller full of high-tech intrigue, futuristic tension, and artificial intelligence

James Smith’s new science fiction novel is a captivating mystery with just the right amount of humor woven within the story of a crime solving robot.


“Empeirikos is a new robot, naive in the ways of the world, and dependent on his friends Trep and Link for instruction. When a patron is found dead in a local antigravity nightclub, they are enlisted to solve the crime. Was it antigravity toxicity, drug overdose or murder?”

James Smith is pleased to announce the publication of his new science fiction novel, Technoconvergence. Smith expertly constructs an absorbing mystery full of high-tech intrigue, futuristic tension, and just the right amount of artificial intelligence levity. The sci-fi story is written in the style of other prominent writers in the genre, such as Isaac Asimov.

The book follows Empeirikos, the main character, as he investigates the crime. “But while Empeirikos investigates, Trep finds himself increasingly addicted to hallucinations induced by virtual reality tablets. And as if that wasn’t enough of a distraction, Trep and Link begin to have doubts about their robot friend. Throughout the story, they conduct inebriated debates on the philosophical questions of the day. What is the purpose of artificial intelligence? Has mankind evolved this far only to create its own replacement? Is a Turing Test a sufficient evaluation of artificial intelligence, and would Empeirikos pass? And what does all of this have to do with Fermi’s paradox? Technoconvergence explores issues at the intersection of artificial intelligence and philosophy.”

Smith combines his Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Science Degree in Bioinformatics to create an utterly unique, engaging, intelligent, and amusing story that not only entertains but is also thought provoking. Technoconvergence is now available on Amazon and

About James Smith: James Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature as well as a Master of Science in Bioinformatics. He has been a graduate researcher in computer science with a focus on bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. His debut novel is Technoconvergence.

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