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Asked why she was out late, UP woman throws acid on hubby | India News

KANPUR: A 35-year-old woman allegedly threw acid at her 40-year-old husband’s face in Kanpur’s Cooperganj area just because he asked her the reason for returning home late at night. The husband, Dabbu Gupta, sustained severe burns all over his face. His wife, Poonam, was arrested and sent to jail late Sunday.
In a viral video, Gupta was seen narrating his ordeal to the media at the police station premises. He claimed that when he asked his wife the reason for her delay in returning home, she retorted saying it was none of his business. Soon after, he claimed, a fight broke out between them following which she threw acid on his face. While demanding imprisonment for Poonam, Gupta also sought better treatment facilities in the video.
As per Gupta, Poonam had returned home around 12.30am Saturday, police said. “When he questioned her, she started quarrelling with him. Later, when she physically assaulted him, Gupta too beat her up. This, however, enraged Poonam who picked up a bottle of acid kept in the bathroom and splashed it on his face,” said a cop.
When police questioned locals, they alleged that Gupta was a liquor addict. “They said that he often quarrels with his wife. It seems that his wife took such an extreme step after being perturbed over his drinking habit,” said a police source.

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