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Artistic reflections leave their mark, after a two-year hiatus

Around 75 works of contemporary art by 19 artists were displayed at the recent Kalabimb-22. This marked the revival of the show, which had been held yearly since 2014, but was put on hold during the pandemic.

Contemporary art often acts as a prism through which a viewer tries to interpret the complexities and intricacies of the modern world. For the art aficionados in the city, around 75 works in contemporary art, created by 19 artists from across the country, were recently displayed at the exhibition titled Kalabimb-22.

Recently held at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi, the show had exhibits that reflected diversity in creative practices found in Indian contemporary art, done through eclectic styles and mediums such as painting, photography, and digital art. Artist Suryasnata Mohanty shares, “For me, whatever allows the artist to create freely and is understood by contemporary societies is contemporary art… Three of my works namely Gunatita, Nirguna and Niraakaara, which refer to the unattributable nature of the Almighty or the creator — as explained in philosophies — were on display. My works depict my own thoughts derived from spiritual philosophies on what the Almighty may be like.”

An artwork by Neeharika Rana.

The annual exhibition, which started in 2014, is back after a year interlude, induced by the pandemic. “It’s a pleasure to revive Kalabimb, and to see it receive such warmth and vigour,” shares Ravinder Tanwar, curator, adding, “When the pandemic hit, we couldn’t host the exhibition and I was unsure of going through with it this year as well. If it hadn’t happened, I had also contemplated dissolving the concept. But, the artists persuaded me and expressed their desire to contribute to this. It thus became more like a responsibility towards the love of art. I’m very happy we did it, and the appreciation goes solely to the artists, for their fine work.”

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