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Artist BENZ0 Is Working on New Music and NFT Projects

BENZ0 2021

Multifaceted artist BENZ0 is working on a variety of new art

N/A, PENNSYLVANIA , USA, November 11, 2021 / — BENZ0 is an artist, producer, and audio engineer from Philadelphia PA. His sound straddles the line between R&B and Pop, while also reeling in inspiration from Hip-Hop, Synthwave, Lo-Fi, Punk, Alt-Rock, Pop-Rock, and more. Thematically, BENZ0’s music echoes stories of lost love, regrets, depression and anxiety, while juxtaposing somber lyrics with an upbeat production style. BENZ0 is currently working new music, as well as being involved with various NFT projects online.

While BENZ0 is known for his music, BENZ0 is also taking time for projects in the digital art and NFT community, recently working closely with the gummy bear project. BENZ0, while being an artist, is constantly inspired by life, however recently, the spectacle and medium of digital art, and NFT’s has really inspired BENZ0. The artist has a long running history with researching Crypto, and being involved with forums and social networks online since he was a child. BENZ0’s main platform is Twitter, where he shares his thoughts, and takes part in Twitter talk spaces. BENZ0s recent release “Can’t Stop” received praise from fans and friends alike, amassing nearly 10k streams. BENZ0 also has songs such as “Lost” and “in my Head”, which gained nearly 50k streams since their release.

By 2022, BENZ0 will be releasing new music and digital art projects, including but not limited to: music, digital art, NFT’s, virtual reality, and more.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this multifaceted artist’s new projects!

BENZ0 Twitter: @BENZ0official

BENZ0 Website: Here*

BENZ0 Spotify: Here**

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