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Arsh Lakhani the prince of PR Asian News

Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing”

 Public Media Solution’s company strength in maintaining great public relations has been greatly influenced by the unrelenting professional contribution by the Prince of PR.

Arsh Lakhani has been in the public relations industry for the past four years. During his time with the Public Media Solution, he has been a key pillar in building and maintaining several relationships with multiple news agencies in the country.

His invaluable contribution to these news agencies has left a mark in every project he touched – rightfully earning him the title – the Prince of PR.

Arsh has experience in marketing and corporate public relations. He is data-oriented, showing the capability to construct pitched press releases that secure multiple leads in media outlets.

His initiative is aimed at providing top headlines and news in the realm of business, entertainment, world affairs, technology, and many more domains.

Having launched a start-up himself, he understands the struggles an entrepreneur has to go through for laying a strong foundation for their business and working towards developing it into a full-fledged enterprise

His unique professional principle:

In his delivery of PR services, Arsh Lakhani’s services are anchored in the principle of “exceeding expectations.”

This principality is based on under-promising and over-delivering. Whatever the Prince of PR promises has to be delivered, with the results projected to exceed expectations.

In keeping to the promise of exceeding expectations, Arsh sets targets to be achieved together with clients and work to exceed these targets.

It is a promise that is so dear to him that he ensures it is accomplished.

At Public Media Solution, his promises are always delivered, with clients always recording positive feedback.

Public media Solution along with Arsh Lakhani will continue to yield great results to companies in need of PR services.


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