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Area Code Domains Works with Car Dealerships to Grow the Customer Base

Area Code Domains – Reach New Customers

Area Code Domains

Area Code Domains – Get New Customers

Area Code Domains

Reach More Customers For Your Business

Marketing For Used Cars Dealers Just Got Easier

Used car dealers need a frequent, reliable, and steady stream of new customers. Reaching a wide customer base is even more important than ever. Owning an area code domain gives car dealers that edge.”

— R. Singer

CLINTON, CT, USA , February 9, 2022 / — Area Code Domains is working with business owners in the used car sales sector, offering its area code-based domain name strategy as a foundation. With a track record of working with business owners across sectors, Area Code Domains has been the first step in a digital marketing strategy for countless businesses from yoga studios to dentists, law firms, and restaurants. Their strategy is centralized around providing domain names that feature the business’s area code, followed by a keyword for their sector, for example, or

“For used car dealerships, business runs a little differently. Unlike at a restaurant or fitness studio, where businesses are aiming for repeat business, used car dealerships really need a frequent, reliable, and steady stream of new customers, therefore reaching out to a wide customer base is even more important than ever,” says Area Code Domain founder, R. Singer. “That is why we work so well with this type of business; by providing area code domain names, we are able to set our clients up for a sales and marketing strategy that is effective for drive-by business, online marketing, and physical advertising like billboards or commercials.”

“The challenge with traditional digital marketing techniques is that when it comes to a drive-by, it’s far too difficult to absorb and remember a full web URL and company phone number, costing companies thousands of potential customers.”

With the methods used by Area Code Domains, this problem is solved. Customers are faced with a clear, simple, easy to remember domain name where all they must recall is where they were when they saw the sign, and the type of company it is. “This is super effective in the used car industry. Plus, we can redirect the domain name to any existing website; there is no need to re-do any web design work, it’s purely a low-cost strategy to effectively reach infinite numbers of new customers every day.”

In addition to specializing in domain names, the company also acts as a hub of valuable marketing advice and strategy. “For used car dealerships, we also recommend driving social media presence as much as possible to reach an online audience who will travel to get a specific car they are looking for.”

In addition, Area Code Domains recommends that used car dealerships make use of Google AdWords to advertise locally using a semi-automated and easy to manage platform. From there they also emphasize the importance of acquiring positive reviews and testimonials. “When customers are making big purchases, they need to know that they are doing business with a company that can be trusted.”

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