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Ankur Wariko has some tips to share on how to find an Internship?

A lot of college-going students & students who are starting up with their career are lost and wondering what can we do next or what section is the best to work on if it’s about working in the PR industry or any other stream.

Ankur Warikoo is an Entrepreneur, Teacher  & Public Speaker. He loves to spend his time creating innovative content, mentoring students & coaching startups & entrepreneurs and gives immense knowledge on public speaking.

Ankur Warikoo, 35  is the Founder & CEO of Nearbuy talks. He was one of those extraordinary kids where he knew what he wanted to achieve in his life. He studied for his PhD at a top university in the US but he felt like something was missing so he decided to drop out & restart all over again.  And from then he started flying with some amazing colours, he mentioned that “ all of this time & phase has taught me so much about people, business, fundraising & so on”.  In 2016 he started an online series called “ Warikoo Wednesday “. He shared his experiences about being a CEO and answered some questions too.

Well, Ankur Warikoo has some tips to share with you’ll today on How to find an internship. He added that internships are everywhere but no advertised. The best internships are the ones that you hunt down, he further added that such internships are meant to be found & to be created for yourself.

Here are some tips he added

Tip 1 – Be very specific & clear about what you want to do,with the recruiters.

Tip 2 – Create a list of where would you want to intern.

Tip 3 –  Form Connections with the professionals with the people you want to work with.

Ankur Warikoo further says that ’20s are the right age to explore and understand under what stream you want to gain experience and Internships.  Warikoo added that a lot of students are in the wrong impression of internship. Students expect a good stipend, a good boss and good work, Weekends off & it certainly doesn’t work. He then added that An intern is someone who is not experienced who is not yet fully qualified to do this role and has been allowed to experience starting from the base.

Besides this Ankur Warikoo loves Public Speaking, Connecting with genuine people & storytelling. He is a renowned motivational speaker & his advice to the youngsters is that “ Never judge people according to your principles, Always focus on positive qualities of people around you”.



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