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Ankita Konwar’s one-hand Chakrasana, side-stretch in Kashmir is fitness goals | Health

Making workout look refreshing by performing her favourite exercises in the backdrop of mountains and a valley of beautiful colourful flowers, Milind Soman‘s wife Ankita Konwar left us yearning for a similar exotic getaway as she made the most of her Kashmir vacation. The queen of jaw-dropping stretches treated fans to glimpses of her Yoga workout in Kashmir and her one-hand Chakrasana and effortless side-stretch split will surely make you aim for similar muscle flexibility.

Taking to her social media handle, Ankita shared two pictures which gave fans and fitness enthusiasts a sneak-peek of her fun workout session. Donning a half sleeves dark green T-shirt teamed with a pair of trousers, Ankita aced the athleisure look with a simple ponytail hairtsyle to keep her tresses off her face during the intense exercise session.

While the first picture featured her performing Yoga’s Chakrasna by nailing a backbend with one hand, the next picture showed her nailing an effortless side stretch with one leg outstretched while the other’s knee was bent and body turned flexibly sideways to hold the toes of one feet with fingers of both hands. She shared in the caption, “The one constant goal is to be better than yesterday Anything that happens within or around me is just a by product of the effort I put for that very goal (sic).”



Stretches can be accommodated into everyday workout routine to reap the greatest gains but lasting improvement in flexibility can also be achieved if one stretches at least two or three times a week as it makes the short and tight muscles flexible, strong and healthy. This simple exercise helps one to burn calories at a faster rate and allows the entire body to lose weight better.

Apart from improving posture and decreasing muscle soreness, stretching can improve the range of motion, prevent loss of range of motion, decrease back pain and help prevent injury. It manages stress and relieves post-exercise aches and pains by reducing muscular tension and enhancing muscular relaxation.

Chakrasana gives great flexibility to the spine. Perform this only when your stomach and bowels are empty.

It not only strengthens the buttocks, abdomen, vertebral column, human back, wrist, leg and arm but also sharpens the eyesight and reduces the stress and tension in the body. This exercise is especially beneficial for asthma patients since it expands the chest and the lungs get more oxygen.

Side seated angle or Parsva Upavistha Konasana opens up the practitioner’s hips and deeply stretches the backs of their legs/hamstrings, arms and back of body. It, relieves insomnia, calms and soothes the mind, balances prana in the body and also opens up the ribcage which then expands side body and diaphragm cavity to allow for deeper breath.

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